I’m as Supersensitive as a Princess

I’m as Supersensitive as a Princess
I sometimes feel like the main character in "The Princess and the Pea." It’s not that I feel regal. It’s that I’m as sensitive as she was. Not only can I be as uncomfortable from the slightest cause as the princess was, but I’m also supersensitive to everything – including touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste. I blame it all on fibromyalgia. Touch: Although I’ve never slept on 10 mattresses with a pea underneath them, there have been occasions when my discomfort prompted me to get up in the middle of the night to remake my bed. The cause? A small wrinkle in the bottom sheet felt like a tree branch beneath me. And then there are clothing labels. Cutting them off risks a hole near the neckline as many of my clothes now have. But leaving them on guarantees that my neck will be red and sore before I get home to my scissors. I now prefer certain brands of clothing solely because their name is stamped on the inside of the garment rather than sewn onto a scratchy label. Smell: Going back to sheets again, because I’ve been buying unscented products for years, I wasn’t prepared to be an overnight guest recently. The smell of lavender fabric softener on my hostess’s sheets was completely overwhelming to me. It made my eyes water. I tried covering the pillowcase with my shirt so I could go to sleep, but it didn’t work. Soon the taste of that odor was strong enough to make me nauseous. I spent the rest of the night in a chair. A request for different sheets the next morning produced equally scented replacements from my bewildered hostess. It took a vinegar wash to remove the odor completely. Sound: I’m a big fan of live music, especially musical comedies. When "Mamma Mia!" first came to Los Angeles, I was thrilled to get tickets. My delight e
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  1. Alex Pushkin says:

    Although medications are only marginally helpful for this condition, SNRIs (e.g., Savella & Cymbalta) tend to be helpful for reducing central sensitization. In your case, that is likely the primary driver of the pain sensitivity, but also the sensory sensitivity. I have seen these 2 medications work well for the multiple sensory sensitivities in hundreds of chronic pain patients. Neurologists and rheumatologists also use other meds to target these types of sensory hypersensitivities.

  2. Nancy A. says:

    Christine, I totally understand what you’re going through — it’s the same for me. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 33 years (I’m 65 now). “Normal” people don’t understand. My own mother says “Everything bothers you” (she’s not very supportive in general). Having this terrible chronic pain and fatigue and all the other symptoms makes it very hard to have any social life — it’s very isolating. I’ve been reading some encouraging research news lately. They’re finally getting closer to figuring out this illness, and hopefully there will be much better treatment options in the near future.

  3. Linda says:

    I wish you’d have some articles on dr education and Fibro – why are they not educating themselves. Where can we really get help because dr. are failing.

  4. sandra dunbar says:

    My husband thought I was nuts. I was able to add it all up long ago, but had I told folks what I thought EVERYONE would How much longer have thought I was nutzo. How much longer before we get the answer and the credibility ???

  5. karla epple says:

    i’m not sure i have fibro but i had 5 or 6 blood tests several years ago to rule out herpes, arthritis, and the like all were negative. I have a lot of mysterious aching and traveling pain on both side. itching but no skin irritations visible. IBS, acid reflux. My chiropractor says I have Myofascial pain which I understand is similar.I wish there was a way of diagnosing. My primary physician is empathetic to the problems but not really helpful. My kids are not educated but my sons and wives lean toward the negative. Hard to share as I feel like I’m just complaining and that others feel the same.

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