Being My Own Fibro Chiropractor

Christine Tender Points Today is a frustrating day. For once I have a symptom for which there's a solution. However, that solution is not available because it's a holiday weekend. This situation is very unusual for me. I'm not talking about having a symptom. Days with symptoms are much more common for me than days without them. The fact that there's a solution for this symptom is the part that is unique about it. The symptom I'm referring to is muscle pain in my upper back. For more than a decade, the most common solution to this particular pain for me is a simple adjustment by my chiropractor. Because of my hyper pain sensitivity due to fibromyalgia, I'm very aware of when one of my ribs has moved out of place — even a little bit. The first symptom is slight tugging or discomfort in the muscles on one side of my spine or the other. Too often, I attribute this sensation to having slept in a weird position or having reached awkwardly to grasp something. But when that slight discomfort spreads a bit and morphs into true pain, I know for sure that my spine is out of alignment. Of all the physical symptoms I experience, this is the one over which I usually feel I have the most con
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