How Fibromyalgia Symptoms Affect Everyday Life

The symptoms of fibromyalgia affect everyday life. In this video, YvesyM, explains some of the symptoms of the disease and how everyday things such as going to the movies, having a love life and even carrying your purse can have adverse effects.

Study shows how mindfulness can improve disease management for fibromyalgia patients. Find out more.

She asks people to consider others who are suffering from a chronic disease where extreme pain affects every area of their life.

Could reflexology be used to help ease fibro pain? Find out more here.

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  1. Brenda says:

    My first thought is FibroMonster sneaks upon you. Peeping around every corner in and away from home..lurking to attack Body, Mind, Spirit. Pain migrating and/or setting up house for who knows how long. Fibro-Fog is so emotionally disturbing because your mind is unable to focus and retain memory, not to mention to evil depression. Staying strong through prayer helps me.

    • Em says:

      Someone who knows what you are saying. For the one typing these words-rejection is the worst of all. I would that I could just peacefully fade from life rather than being ignored.

      • Sheila Brooks says:

        I too have been rejected and ignored by family and so-called friends! It is one thing to be ignored but it is a completely different thing to be totally rejected! My own brother calls me a liar and a cheat because he thinks I am not sick! A person I have known for 40 years, who I thought was my best friend, continually asked me to do things that I’ve told her I cannot do! Does that mean she’s just not listening, that she doesn’t care, or that she doesn’t believe me when I say I’m sick and not feeling well? I have done nothing to harm his other people! Yet, I feel so betrayed by all of these because they have shunned me, ostracize me, or worse slandered me to my family and friends — Mike my brother telling everyone I’m line and I’m cheating getting my disability OK! It is so atrocious it is almost worse than the 24/7 pain!

        • Em says:

          I certainly hear this one!! This is their loss and their issue!! Yes, it hurts to be rejected by those whom you thought loved you. I have experienced it time and time again.
          It hurts and when I can get my head back in wise mind I realize it is because so many want things their own way. They have their own ideas as to what others ought to be and if another does not measure up to their expectations they turn to lies to build themselves up-their issue, their low-self esteem or perhaps jealousy because they don’t want to work and they are just plain ignorant. I do know people on disability that have lied and do nothing but sit on their butts when they are capable of working. I know I would much rather be working, but I did work and I did pay into the system which has now overpaid me. I wrote a check as soon as I received the letter only to find out the check has been received, but will take 30 to 60 days to process and all benefits are stopped…say what?
          Merry Christmas From the Federal Government. The check was received at local office and sent on to another to be cashed. Not my fault, but I am left w/o benefits for another 40 to 60 days.
          A plot to do a way w/ people that can no longer work. Turning 65 has turned into a nightmare!!!!
          God is faithful. Rent paid through this month. Temp this morning 7 degrees w/ windchill of -12. Doctor’s appointment today in these frigid temps. My fibro bod will turn into a icicle.
          Attempt at comic relief.

  2. Diana Rosenfelder says:

    Thank you… you’ve described me!!!

    Had a few really bad days! I’m so frustrated, and I’m so tired : (
    The thought if going to bed is hell, it hurts so much to lie down and to toss and turn. I end up staying up way too late. I find I can focus better at night and get lots done and love being alone. Then I regret it in the morning when I can’t get up and function!

    • Leanne says:

      You just described me as well….4am now and still awake….reckon I’ve had maybe 6 hours of sleep in the last
      4 days! Ugh! I’m hearing and feeling ya oain…..literally!

      • Amy says:

        The night time insomnia got the best of me and caused me to lose my job about 5 years ago. As an experiment, I decided to let my body dictate when I sleep and when I am alert enough to work. I was blessed to find a job as a contractor so I can set my own hours, I have found it helpful to work all night and sleep all day like my body wants me to. It makes a huge difference in my concentration. I also sleep longer during the day. I think it is because I am no longer stressing my body into a schedule it doesn’t want. It is worth a try for those who don’t have younger kids and either don’t work or can work a flexible schedule,

      • Sharon Cox says:

        Leanne, you have just described my life. Been dealing with major sleep issues for years. It’s gotten to where, I stay awake all night, and get maybe 4 hrs in the morning. Same here. Longest I’ve gone with zero sleep is 4 days. In my mind, so many times, I feel like I’m dying. I’d give anything if the Medical Board of Physcians would hold a nation wide confrience that all medical doctors must attend. And the subject is solely on Fibromyalgia. I’m so tired of doctors not knowing exactly what Fibro. does to a person. I have yet to find a doctor that will give me something for sleep. These mind altering hypnotics, to me is like taking a sugar pill. It’s a shame we have to do our own searches for help. I have found just here recently something that helps. Try it. It works for me, but wish it would give me the normal 8hrs. Of sleep that we all know is what we need. What I have found is from, Miracle Essential Oils. Pick the one labeled, Sleep. Put it on your feet all over and rud the center of your feet, leave it on, then slip a thin pair of ankle socks on to keep it in place. You don’t even have to wash your hands. Rub it in as if it’s lotion. So far it works for me. I know what all your going through, I’ve had this for about 15yrs now. We all know this condition can be debilitating. I truly hope you find some relief, as we all. Again, try that oil. Again, it’s on the Internet and legit. Bottles of Sleep helps. May God help us all. My thoughts and Prayers are with you.❤️????????

  3. sheela t says:

    Wow! Thank you. You described me to a T. Exactly. I wish I could talk to you in person! I fell at work in 1996 and from that fall, over the next few years I didn’t know and the doctors didn’t know what was going on with me. It wasn’t until 2000 or 2001 and after going through losts of tests to rule out other things, that I was diagnosed with Fibro. And it has taken a toll for sure on me with my job and the stress. Doc took me out of work in 2014 due to the stress.

  4. Ivette says:

    Thank you! For explaining it so well, I can use your article and show it to significant others, so they hear it from you, and I will. It feels really good to have somebody that understand and speak my same language. I’ve being dealing with these symptoms for a long time now and I could not find anybody that can actually understand myself. By the way I have all of those symptoms that you mentioned and much more… I have to fight back with people so they can respect me, or at least leave alone, when I can’t just do things, sometimes physically or mentally. I cannot ask for understanding when I really can understand myself. I am tired of the advices… “Go for a walk…Stop Thinking on that…You have to stop the bad habit of complaining” …You must… You should…You have…You can…and even more. Way too much you know how hard you are trying. 🙂

  5. Sha'ula says:

    Having fibro/ME orCFS for 30 years I can say I use many therapies just to get by. Switching to a vegan diet has terrmendously helped the IBS, yin yoga, nidra yoga, mindfulness meditation techniques, deep breathing through pain and 61 point n
    Yoga meditation, warm salt water therapy pool for exercises, epsom w lavender baths, cool ice packs for inflamation, Weleda brand Arnica oil on pain, trained fibro chiropractor and massage therapist, theraputic grade essential pepperment oil for headaches is amazingly fast, zen music vibrations all the time even when sleeping or ocean sounds, pacing myself when I do feel better and not over doing it is hard thise days, both a seat in the shower and outside of my tub, and for pain is Healthy Hemp Oil blue label CBD with negligible THC with no high. I can squeeze the CBD goo out and put under my tongue in the exact amount I need and as often as I need with any side effects that all meds have. Having chemical sensitivities I eliminated all cleaning chemicals and use tea tree oil mixed w water and no chemical soaps and shampoo. GINGER, dried sugared ginger from Trader Joe’s for daily nauseam. Three things I always have is ginger, peppermint oil for headaches, ear aches and indigestion and cashews or almonds for food energy and low blood sugar. Please please write back anything you have found to help fatigue as I have found nothing. Soldier on Fibies!

    • Amy says:

      You have shared some great ideas! I have tried some of them with varying success/failures, but it is always good to try things that other people have tried with success. How does the peppermint oil help with headaches? Do you have to ingest it or rub it on somewhere? Are these migraines or muscle related headaches? I used to buy heavily enteric coated peppermint oil pills to take for my IBS. The oil is a GI tract specific anti-spasmodic and helps tremendously with abdomen/bowel pain during a flare.

      For energy – I do eat about 5 small meals per day to keep my blood sugar even and my metabolism going all day. It has also allowed me to lose some weight that way. I do keep nuts on hand because they are so high in B vitamins which provide energy. I also use a supplement called d-Ribose for energy. It is, by far, the best thing i have ever used for energy. You can find it in most health food or vitamin stores. They now keep it with the heart health supplements because they have found a correlation there for protection of heart disease. I take a 5 mg scoop, in something like Crystal Light, juice or Kool-Aid, twice a day when i can afford to buy it. It does have a super sweet kind of aftertaste, so don’t mix it with something like tea or coffee because it doesn’t taste good at all – at least not for me. When I first started on it, I took three scoops per day and then dropped down to two after a month or so. Don’t use it close to bedtime because it will keep you awake. I didn’t go vegan but I did research foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory and are the best and most readily acceptable forms of certain vitamins that most fibro patients are lacking in – things like B vitamins and folic acid.

      I keep waiting for the day that Georgia passes a law to allow medical marijuana use. I hate that i have to take opiates just to function. Marijuana does much less damage to your body than opiates – especially if you ingest it instead of smoking it. I find that I don’t have to buy the separated oils with just CBD when I ingest as the THC doesn’t have the same ‘high’ effect that way – at least for me. i also have longer relief by ingesting it and I am sure it will help prevent lung damage. Besides, I don’t want to feel high like you do when you smoke it. I have enough problems with concentration without getting high!

      I don’t know where you live, but how did you find a salt water warm pool? That is one of many reasons that I am ready to move to the beach! Salt water is so healthy for you – except the drying out your skin part, but that’s why we have lotions! LOL. I did water aerobics for a long time, but then my knees have gotten so bad that I can’t exercise my legs and then get out of the pool and walk carrying my weight when I am done. Maybe I can get back to that after I get my knees replaced. I try to do yoga but am not consistent with it. I think any type of stretching helps, though.

      This may not work for everyone, but I read an article in Neurology Now magazine years ago that you can keep from developing some types of dementia as you age as well as improve your memory and focus by working jigsaw puzzles. I found an app called Jigidi that has great puzzle choices in all sizes and types and it has helped me so much with concentration for work. And they help relax me enough to fall asleep as well – bonus benefit!

      Thanks for your ideas of things to try to help. We all react differently but it is good to share these ideas and hope that you find the right combination to improve your quality of life.

  6. Sha'ula says:

    Sorry, forgot to add bioidentical
    Hormone Replacement therapy, bad days 10 mg of vitamin C and Allicin Max (high potency essence of Garlic) 15 min of sunshine daily (I live in Florida) and calcium CITRATE at night, high dose of all B vitamins, pea protein mix, fresh dark berries daily and omega 3 seeds and nuts, smoothies with spinach and kale and keep bottles of “green machine”(veggie/fruits) drinks in frig so when I can’t cook and barely can walk and still have healthy food in frig. If I sound like an “Earth Momma” I didn’t start out that way. It has been through trial and error of Western medicines that always had some side effects and horrible horrible (I should have been in a hospital) withdrawals. Have found over 30 years that natural remedies and organics work best for me and must be applied daily. They are not a long term, but daily fixes I must use just to cope. Cope. That should be our middle names.

  7. Lori Kroll says:

    I haven’t found any meds that actually help with my fibro.Lyrica added 100 lbs. swelled my feet so big I had trouble walking and depression is with me 24 -7. I had to move to Florida to get a diagnosis as Illinois has a hard time believing fibro exists. Disability is looking impossible here in Illinois too, coping gets harder every day. Anxiety keeps me a prisoner in my own home.

    • Em says:

      I hear you Lori. I cannot change or fix things-I get it though. Also a prisoner in my home. In an area where the doctors see me as a head case. Anxiety is a ferocious beast.
      The holiday season is a lack-luster time while I see others getting together. I am the family reject because my own children remember a mom that was physically strong and think I am being untruthful.
      Lyrica and Cymbalta were nightmares. I have treatment resistant depression as far as meds.
      Seemingly hopeless.

  8. Em says:

    Fibro has destroyed my life. The depression has become so severe-no help any where. I pray that God will take me from this inferno. Abandoned by family and even giving up on myself. No money for my grand children. 2 sisters that think I am a disgrace to the family.
    Not self pity. REALITY that has taken away life. Surely death would be more merciful.

    • d-j says:

      I really do hear what you are saying. I have had this disease for 30 yrs. Every day is hell. Dread getting up and going to work because of pain, difficulty concentrating and thinking straight, co-workers more concerned with themselves and their needs/wants, and extreme fatigue. I dread going home for many of the same reasons. I have no life, no quality to my life. If it weren’t for my children, who give me purpose, I might not bother with living. I was diagnosed in 2013 with incurable blood cancer in the bone marrow. As the pain intensifies, and I look ahead and see only more pain and more cancer. Depression is a dirty word in our culture but we all suffer from it to some degree. Mine is severe, it grows in proportion to the pain. When your entire existence is defined by pain, erased by pain, depression is the puss that’s squeezed out. I truly understand what and how you feel. Drugs are of no help, either, no matter how strong or potent. The government pockets billions at our expense in drug profits,and drug testing, all while trying to make it impossible for us to get these drugs legally. Depressed? Angry? You bet! But it’s the only life there is. It might not seem like much, but I pray you find a reason to hang on. If not for children or family or spouse then for others who need to know you understand the pain they are in. Some times just knowing you aren’t suffering alone helps…

    • Amy says:

      I really can relate to all of that. Almost 4 months ago, my kids forced me to check into an inpatient psyche facility where i thought I was going to get intense psychoanalysis and coping skills, but the place ended up just stripping me of all rights and just took away all of my meds and let me detox in agony. My kids don’t think I have fibro even though the reasons they cite are exactly why fibro is so difficult to treat and cope with. When i didn’t agree to being institutionalized, which apparently was their plan all along, they totally abandoned me. I have since been homeless for the past 4 months with barely enough money to survive. Thank God I have a strong, caring church that has helped me through all of this so much – both financially and spiritually. I am still trying to find a room to rent but since i have been transient for so long, it is hard for me to work enough hours to make the money I need for 1st month’s rent and deposits and pet fees. I am just devastated by what the kids have done to me and continue to do by refusing to speak to me or help in any way. They think that i ‘told’ my doctor that I have fibro and told him what meds that I wanted and that he is just doing as I ask. My daughter still lived at home when I was diagnosed, so she knows that I went to 3 different doctors to see if all three came up with the same diagnosis based on my symptoms, exam and blood work. I think that’s sufficient proof that fibro is what is wrong with me, but they still don’t buy it. It has been incredibly hard to be homeless while dealing with the fibro flare that hit me from mistreatment at the institution that they wanted me to stay at. I keep praying that God will continue to put the right people in my path to provide the support that I need. So far – He hasn’t let me down except that I am growing weary of lugging my stuff and my dog around everywhere and want to have a ‘home’ in time for Christmas. Try to keep the faith – whether you believe in God or something else. Having hope helps so much with the anxiety and flares!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Amy,Ken and Madi:
        Thank You for your stories! I’ve also lost my adult daughter and grandchild due to the years of struggling with chronic pain from Fibro and other autoimmune issues. I did not always cope with the various issues that came with them very well because, when I first began getting such bad symptoms I had not properly been diagnosed. About 16 years ago after having had my own clothing store and designing for local bands, etc. I lost my store (finances) and without positive projects and a career found that the symptoms became harder to ignore. I floundered and went to multiple drs trying to get help,relief and answers and was forced to resort to self medicate to get enough relief to take jobs that were physically & emotionally demanding even degrading. My daughter’s father (my exhusband) and his family had tried for years to divide her and I up. Trying to be a good parent I never told her that her dad had been horribly abusive in multiple ways and is why I left him 2 weeks after she was born. She feels I became a complainer and lazy, etc. She was always the most important thing in my life and I went above and beyond to provide a lifestyle for our little family that kept her in good school districts and afforded her the things her friends from 2 parent homes had. But, this also put my body through alot. Especially after I lost my business. Anyway,what I’m basically saying is I understand the hurt,lonelyness and frustration that comes from struggling with this illness and have even been homeless with my little dog for the first time ever 5 years ago. Never would I have believed that I’d end up in that situation nor that my own family would turn their backs on me. Today I still struggle to get by and am living with someone that I feel does not really understand me but,he’s relatively compassionate although getting the medical care I need is not where it needs to be and can’t afford specialist. My family dr let me go recently deciding my health case was to complicated and have my first appointment with a new dr.tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get some treatment until I can afford a specialist. My prayers are with all of you and hope that we can begin to be seen as viable people again and not just inconvient slackers who can’t get it together. God Bless…

  9. ken edberg says:

    you nailed it!!
    where do I begin, ive lost everything job that I loved, home, family and friends, countless dr and medications I have tried several times over the last 16 years, nothing helps. basically homeless, staying with friends for as long as they can stand me. fighting to get disability but I have all my limbs and stuff so it has been a nightmare trying to get, yes ive thought of suicide, and running out of options as I see it. I’m tired of Dr’s and meds and the countless tests only to come back everything looks fine. then why do I hurt. why am I always tired.

  10. Madi says:

    Thank you x

    Insomnia has been an awful symptom for me and the pain of not being believed. Mentally it is a challenge everyday.
    Relationships are very difficult to maintain,especially those closest.
    It is a very very lonely existence living with this and trying to forge some kind of existence, watching your once active body decline and lose musecle tone, put on weight. I now have body anxiety and feel bad about mysefl on top which I didn’t used to feel. Iw as confident and vibrant before and it’s really worn me down. I want me back and a life back with other people in it! All my friends have moved on in life and have families and are settled and I am left behind.
    I wish they put appeals out for people like us on tv who are lonely due to conditions like fibromyalgia, like they do for the elderly. I would love someone to come and visit and maybe even bring a dog to pet.
    Would love a pet but live in a flat currently.
    Much more awareness and supoort needed.

  11. Vicki Davies says:

    I couldn’t have put that any better myself, such a beautiful girl on the outside while her body literally is eating her from the inside out. Everything you describe in the his video, is everything on a daily basis, the chronic pain has had me at times wishing I could just die and end it all, but my family keep me here, even though none of them truly understand, thank you for such an informative video, I hope lots of fibro partners and family’s watch it. X

  12. Tasha Gomez Becker says:

    I have spent the last 10 years pushing myself past my limits to the point of er visits. I feel bad that my kids can’t have the old me that used to play. My oldest boy said last week that if we find a cure through my fundraising or if we get a better management plan going his baby brother will have the fun mom the way I used to be and that he felt bad he was raised with fun mom and his brother has to be raised with sick mom. It wasn’t meant in a hurtful way but it stung. My sex life is slow, My husband has pain from other conditions and commented that our sex was awkward lately. I swallowed my pride and got my handicap sticker and use a cane or wheel chair at stores when needed. I have a lot of the symptoms listed here but the worst is the depression and loneliness. I miss so many family events I feel disconnected from the people I love. Weather is a factor that slows me drastically in winter, my home has to be a constant 74-75 degrees.

  13. Kate McGuire says:

    Regarding employment: When your employer — which happens to be the Union where you work, but you’re an officer of the union — tells you that you need to resign. Of all the people who should understand and be helping, they tell you to resign. If it had been management telling me to quit, the Union would have been all over it with grievances. Sorry, just had to vent a little because it wasn’t just an instance of having a nasty boss, it was betrayal by someone who should have been supporting me.

    I think this video is a fantastic tool, because it’s coming from a real person, not some organization. Thank you!

  14. carla says:

    My worst symptons are my wrists they feel like I have broken them, I have lost all strength in my arms…The brain frog is getting worse where I sometimes stand still and think where am I & what am I doing or where am I going, Now I have a face palsy! This is really the last straw as I used to be able to slap on a little make up and look half human but now I have this dreaded lop sided face. Luckily it does come and go it seems to get worse when I am really exhausted. My friend has just been diagnosed and I am really afraid to have any conversations with her as there isant anything positive or reassuring I can tell her! This is for life 🙁

  15. Barbara says:

    I have all the above symptons, and I empathize greatly. The best advice I know is hang in there, especially when you want to give up. It took me ten years to receive social security! I lost a twenty six year old marriage to Fibro. I am here to say suicide is NOT the answer! Your loved ones are NOT better off without you. Thank God my attempt failed! I have a good man in my life,I receive SS and Medicare which affords me good medical care, and two beautiful grand babies that I would have never met.I had to come to terms with taking daily cymbalta and an opioid, but my quality of life is finally better. I’m even considering finishing college one class at a time.PLEASE, keep the faith and be as strong as you can be!

  16. janice says:

    There is hope as at least most of the medical community now understands Fibro. When I first was diagnosed, even they knew very little. I’ve tried all the prescription meds for Fibro but only Cymbalta helped and can’t take additional anti depression meds with it and since it was so little help I stopped taking. The depression from constant pain and feeling like you can barely participate in life is really bad. I’m very fortunate in that my other half is very understanding of my situation. The worst to me is if you have another even temporary illness, it can really get bad due to mainly taking extra meds as I don’t do well with pharmaceuticals at all. Looking everyday for natural cures as in diet, exercise, etc. I have a special place in my heart now for anyone suffering from diseases especially painful ones. I never imagined the constant struggle with pain & sickness could be this horrible. Don’t let anyone’s opinion touch you as that causes more depression and makes it all unbearable. One day soon most will realize how wrong they were and hopefully feel shame as new information is coming out everyday. When I first learned I had this and googled for info, very little was out there. Not the case now at all. I think a lot of the bad attitudes is because Fibro patients need pain meds. I have found pain meds to be necessary at times but seem to cause all to be worse with the side effects. So my goal for now is to take as few as possible. I have hot flashes way worse than menopause but find much relief with heating pads even though I sit with a fan on me year round while using heating pads. Accepting not being able to do much is the hardest part to me but something all older people have to deal with so I just have to accept earlier in life I guess. Feeling like people think you aren’t that sick is depressing but you can’t control other people so we just have to let that go and not care what they think and try to deal with all in the best way for us. Prayers for all Fibro warriors.

  17. Dianne...Sowa says:

    Hi Thanks so much !Great video ??You said it exactly how it is !!!!!I couldn’t of said it better! I just want to thankyou !I think people friends and mostly family think im faking it !Yup but the truth is they don’t have to deal with it !I’ve Haas it for 35 years since my first child was born !

  18. Tracey says:

    Thank you for the video and everyone’s comments, it helps just knowing you’re not alone in this disease and the endless fight to get some relief. After trying every medication out there with side affects equally FM, I find what works for energy is smoking cannibis,my body and mind seem to relax enough that I become much more physical. I started Saxenda injections for the weight gain and as dumbfounded to find out not only as I losing weight without trying but I have also tremendously cut down on my pain meds, Lyrica, tramacet, tridural, arthotec, the only med I take regularly now is cymbalta 60 mg daily. I don’t know if this is a fluke or what but it’s what’s happening. Would love to find something else for energy because the weed works but also makes me high. Fellow sufferers, pls try to join a support group, who knows what this invisible disease is all about. Also, if they’re open to it, try educating loved ones and coworkers with medical material about what FM is and how real it is. God Bless and please don’t ever give up.

  19. cecilia dubiel says:

    Here are some sights some might be interested in:Living with Fibromyalgia, What works for fabromyalgia, fibromyalgia warrior, F.C. friends Canada, Living with fibromyalgia and Fibromyalgia support group, Hope it helps someone hugs to all soft ones.

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