I Really Need a Nap, but It Ain’t Easy

I Really Need a Nap, but It Ain’t Easy
Christine Tender Points Sleep, or the lack thereof, is an issue for most people with fibromyalgia, including me. My most frequent sleep complaint is insomnia. After nodding off several times during the evening, I often go to bed exhausted. But instead of sleeping, I lie there staring at the ceiling for hours on end. Sound familiar? Another of my issues is sleep apnea. I’m fortunate to have a moderate case of this disorder, but it’s enough that a CPAP machine was recommended. Unfortunately, my very narrow nasal passages make it impossible for me to use it. Without enough room for the air to go up my nose and into my lungs, the excess gushing air goes into my sinuses, causing pain and swelling by morning. In addition to causing breathing to stop temporarily throughout the night, sleep apnea is a common cause of snoring. My husband will attest to the fact that I am a champion snorer. The noise I make is loud enough to awaken not only him and the dog but also myself. Then
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  1. sandra dunbar says:

    I recently had a pain management MD tell me my 12 sleep disorders didn’t mean any thing to anything. She then “dismissed ” me from her practice. I refused “injections” so she couldn’t make any $ on pills for pain.

  2. Esther Siebert says:

    Consider going to bed when you feel like nodding off in the evening instead of waiting till bedtime to go to bed. No schedule for me now. When the “sleep train” comes in, I go to bed. Not getting on board when I get sleepy means not being able to sleep later.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Nomorobo is a big hit for my parents. It’s used for landlines. It works for them. The Do Not Call List only works for legitimate companies. Most of the spam calls we get nowadays are not legitimate. They’re actual spam calls trying to get money from you. They are not real companies. For my iphone it automatically goes into sleep mode between 10pm and 10am. The only way to get through is if someone calls twice in a row. It turns on automatically so I don’t have to worry about turning it on. My phone is also always on vibrate so that helps a lot. Especially for those last minute naps! Hope this helps!


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