Pre-made Meals Are Not the Answer to My Fibromyalgia Fatigue

Pre-made Meals Are Not the Answer to My Fibromyalgia Fatigue
The delivery of prepared or almost-prepared meals has become a big business where I live. That makes me happy. I’ve adopted a gluten-free diet for my irritable bowel syndrome and eat very little red meat, so I often find myself preparing two dinners: one for my “meat and potatoes” husband and another for me. Given that my limited daily energy is usually depleted by 4 p.m., I can be very grouchy by dinnertime. I’d been eyeing one of these services for a while, but the cost was a deterrent. In a moment of weakness (both literally and figuratively), I succumbed to an introductory special — reasoning that buying myself some relief from cooking (and grocery shopping) was worth the money — even if I could only afford this luxury occasionally. As long as my husband was adequately fed, I could choose to prepare something for myself that required a little more effort than I would normally consider (if I felt energetic) — or eat an apple and cheese (if I were having a bad day). It sounded wonderfully freeing to me. I called the company and got the details. From their online menu, my husband selected an entrée, potato dish, and vegetable side for each of the five days of the contract. Two dinners arrived in the first delivery. My husband chose the one he’d like to eat that day; the other was relegated to the back of the refrigerator. Each sealed package was marked with microwave instructions that even a non-cook like my husband could easily follow. That meant that my afternoon nap wouldn’t be shortened to tend to his gustatory needs — he could eat whenever he wanted — but I was too excited to sleep that afternoon. I was about to uncover the answer to my dreams. Alas, it was not to be! Inside a worrisomely small container was a piece of beef, th
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  1. Tina says:

    Ya he could also give you a break and cook himself. I know old school ways are a thing yet, it’s always nice to switch it up and get a cooked meal from him.

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