Here Are Some of the Triggers for Fibro Flares

Here Are Some of the Triggers for Fibro Flares
Fibromyalgia flares are a completely unwelcome occurrence. They can feel random at times, but some events can trigger them. This column is mainly geared toward other women. I personally have suffered through these issues but either was unaware that they were related or had not yet been diagnosed. Hormones are very complex in that everything in our body is controlled by their activity. When you are expecting your period, it's possible that you may have more difficulty with issues such as sleeping. You might also get more headaches (including migraines) as well as increased pain overall. This is due to the drop in progesterone levels. It's possible you might find your periods to be heavier and more painful. Many women, myself included, aren't diagnosed with fibromyalgia until they've gone through menopause. All of my symptoms tended to be on hyperdrive after my periods stopped. Grief and traumatic events can trigger flares as well. One traumatic event in my life was an abusive childhood. I strongly believe that those types of incidents can wreak havoc on our health. Other incidents could include the death of someone close to you, a serious car accident, or stress at work or in personal relationships. Stress can cause all manner of physical and emotional issues in our lives and could be a major cause of fibro flare-ups. Weather, especially changes in barometric pressure, may cause flares. Low barometric pressure signals that an unsettled front is coming in. That could mean rain, wind, snowstorms, etc. Humidity can also be a factor in flares happening with greater frequency. All the women I've talked to tell me the same thing, that changes in weather patterns increase their pain. The cold of winter can be especially harsh and require the increased use of heated
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  1. Marla D Chaffin says:

    I live on the Oregon Coast and have been struggling with FM for about 3 years. I believe I have had FM for much longer than that, but a major stress at my place of work triggered the FM into a big spiral. This fall/winter has been especially hard on me so we have decided to move to a 55+ community near Phoenix AZ. We will stay there during the winter months and come back to the NW during the summer when it is warm and beautiful.

  2. Di says:

    Strangely enough I find wearing the wrong shoes, or standing too long triggers my fibro to flare. That could be because I also have rheumatoid arthritis, but I’m not so sure that’s it. I feel as though when my feet are happy, everything is happy 🙂

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