I’m Making Slow Progress

I’m Making Slow Progress
It's been a better week health-wise for both our future therapy dog (Sam) and me. After two weeks on antibiotics and prescription dog food, Sam has been declared infection-free. His puddles in the house have been reduced to a small dribble no more often than once a day. According to his veterinarian, even this symptom will likely disappear in another week or two. It can't be too soon for me! Now that he's feeling better, Sam's playful puppy side has emerged. Just like a toddler, this little pup (age 7 in dog years) cannot be left unsupervised for a single minute. We've learned that lesson the hard way. After half an hour on his own in our fenced yard, Sam was found with a dirt-covered face, contentedly munching on one of my husband's prized bromeliads. The calm demeanor we thought characterized this dog may have been the result of his not feeling up to snuff. Now that he's healthy and more comfortable in our home, and with us, his true colors are showing. Obedience training seems a long way off. As for me, the trigger point injection I received three weeks ago for suboccipital neuralgia finally achieved the desired result. Although the pain had been roughly 75 percent better since the Aug. 2 injection, it's only been 100 percent gone for the past eight days. As predicted, it took almost two weeks. My focus now is on prevention of a recurrence. Toward that end, I've dedicated myself to my physical therapy exercises. I faithfully perform the prescribed stretches both morning and night. I'll do almost anything to prevent another episode of the mind-numbing head pain I've endured twice this year. Although the muscle tightness that results in conditions like suboccipital neuralgia is a hallmark of fibromyalgia, stress also plays a key role. For that reason, I wa
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