We Find a New Therapy Dog

We Find a New Therapy Dog
It finally happened! Three and a half long years after our beloved therapy dog, Charlie, died of colon cancer, we finally found another perfect dog for our household. It was a long and frustrating process filled with many disappointments. Once or twice a month, we completed five-to-10-page applications for various rescue groups around town and received no replies. Phone calls to answering machines yielded no results. Several groups inspected our home for dog doors, fence heights, etc. And although the groups declared our property more than suitable for any dog, we still had no responses to our inquiries. And even though we walk every day for health reasons, one rescue group told us that as retirees we were too old to adopt one of their young dogs. Imagine our joy when we walked right into our municipal animal shelter and easily found our new dog, a 15-pound Shih Tzu-mix we named Morley. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite so easy. My husband had stopped by earlier in the week as he’d done on a regular basis for nearly three years. On this particular day when the shelter happened to be closed to the public, a sympathetic employee checked her database and found that, yes indeed, there was a Shih Tzu (our breed of choice) in their care. He was microchipped, and the shelter contacted the owners. If unclaimed after five days, he would become available for adoption. Yesterday was the fifth day. We arrived only hours after Morley had been neutered. Although still half asleep, he was, nevertheless, very affectionate. His big brown eyes made contact with ours immediately. It was love at first sight. Much to our delight, they said if we wanted him, we could take him home that day. The fee would be $112. Compared to the prices charged by local rescue groups ($400-650) he was
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