Don’t Quit, Fellow Fibromyalgia Strugglers: Fight the Good Fight

Don’t Quit, Fellow Fibromyalgia Strugglers: Fight the Good Fight

Through the Fog
Even if we go through periods when we feel well, we will always have fibromyalgia. Hopefully one day a cure will be found, but until then I encourage you to fight the good fight every day.

Did you know that Dr. Seuss, the famous children’s author, wanted to quit after his first book was rejected for the 27th time? I know the pain and fatigue of FM makes us want to quit so many times. But who knows? Maybe the next medication will be the one that brings us relief — or tomorrow someone will come up with a cure. Don’t quit hoping.

It’s very difficult if you don’t have people in your corner cheering you on as you battle the various symptoms of your fibromyalgia. I’m blessed to have my husband who has my back. I know some of you are alone and could use a good coach to help you through these tough days. If you’re a woman who doesn’t have a soft place to land and needs some encouragement and support from other women, feel free to join my Facebook group, In Spite of My Illness.

We must also fight to get the medical care we need. Finding doctors who not only understand fibromyalgia but are willing to listen are a must. We shouldn’t settle for less. If you don’t feel listened to, or your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, it’s time to find a new physician. One thing I’m going to ask my doctor about today is medical marijuana, and whether she prescribes it or even recommends it.

Fight to keep friendships that are dear to you. Send friends cards or call them; don’t just wait for them to reach out to you. If you value their friendship, show them. It’s hard to keep healthy friendships when we’re struggling with FM, so let’s be more proactive in ways that we’re able to.

Let your children see you fight the good fight, and be an example to them of someone who doesn’t give up. Keep a positive outlook. I,t’s something that they will look back on when they fight their own struggles in life. If we whine and complain, we teach them to do the same. I’m working hard to set a good example for my grown children.

You are stronger than you feel and you’re a survivor! You need to keep fighting for your family, your friends, your dreams, and most importantly for yourself. I’m standing on the sidelines cheering you on!

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  1. Don says:

    Again Robin, something in your article hits home. I have been thinking about why those that I thought were pretty good friends don’t stay in contact with me much anymore. I realize why they may stop inviting me to functions after I say I can’t make it or don’t show up so many times, but I still wanted them to stay in touch.
    You’ve made me realize now it’s not just up to them, that if I want to maintain a relationship then there are things I can do too. Everybody needs to remember that meaningful communication is not a one way street and the same holds true for relationships. It takes two to tango.


      • Lorraine says:

        Hi to all fibro suffers I am new to your site and I have to say it’s brilliant. I know all about giving up I did for a while because my husband, close family and friends don’t get it and don’t seem to want to but when I read all your messages I can relate to all of you and I don’t feel as alone or as if I’m just crazy thank you to you all god bless Lorraine ?

        • Diane Reason says:

          This is my first time on this site as well Lorraine. I know exactly where you are coming from. Fibromyalgia destroyed my marriage and I could no longer do the job I was at for 28 years. There is such a feeling of isolation.

          Heres to hoping we all have better days!


          • Karyn says:

            Diane, this is a way a identify with you about after being on the job you worked so hard for and so many of those years were while fighting this painful disease. I worked for at least 15 years before considering several doctors that recommended I try other jobs, which I did but still had the pain, the pain that hunts you down and tears you up. Its hard emotionally to be pushed into retirement before you make the decision. The decision is made for you! Fibro and the diseases that seem to be following me daily rob you of life as you knew it. I hope and pray that there is hooe that science finds a better solution than what is offered now. I remember working with a lady about 20 years ago that had fibro and battled her disease in bed for weeks at a time and many of the staff would make fun that she was out sick in her imaginary world. At least fibro is not looked at like you are ‘crazy’ by most people. I have a strong support with my husband who tries to help daily and stays current with me on FM studies. I have some family members know and understand chronic pain yet some of my closest family do not understand what is going in nor do they want to. Perhaps it is too scary to. Thank you for having a site that gives us a place to share and vent. ? To all. I need to make my day better as only I can today.

  2. Zipporah says:

    Hello Everyone. ….I was just diagnosed on March 9th… meds the next day….trying to find my coping strategy and glad I found your site…thanks for the encourage words….need to get my barings.

  3. It is so difficult to stay positive when dealing with this illnes. I denied that I had it for a long time,and forced myself to continue my routine in spite of it. Not a good idea!! Self care is something that I didnt know much about. Im learning to put myself first.We do learn alot dealing with fibro.

  4. Julie Shenk says:

    Lovely, truthful, and ministers to us all. You are truly a remarkably gifted woman in your down to earth, personable writing. They are more often my exact thoughts, what I’ve learned, and my feelings, too. No use to reinvent the wheel. Keep them coming. Our community needs you!

  5. Em says:

    Fibro has stolen much from so many-somehow we keep trudging on.
    Have the best weekend possible and know that we all are struggling. Some w/ the support of others whom still love us even though we are no longer physically the person we used to be.
    Remember to endeavor to still love yourself.

  6. Dolores Serri says:

    I have lived with the challenge of fibromyalgia for over 20 years. It feels like a roller coaster ride at times with all the highs and lows. I have learned that the most important things are to educate myself,listen to my body,find doctors who will listen and work with me and, most important, try to surround myself with caring people with positive energy. I feel the best thing I can do for myself every day is to try to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do. I am not saying this is easy but it is worth it.
    I am very grateful to have found this group and I send support and encouragement to all.

  7. Rochelle says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It could not have come at a better time, as I’m just coming out of a bad bout that lasted several months, but am still struggling with feeling isolated because I get out so little. I do have friends that I make the effort to stay in touch with, and as I have no close family, they are very important to me, BUT they simply cannot understand the roller coaster that is this illness and that is difficult. They try to be understanding that my plans always have to be tentative, but I fear that they aren’t as understanding as they appear to be because I have experienced this with past friends. Anyway, I’m just grateful to have found your article and your Facebook page. Peace & blessings to you all!

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