8 Types of Fibromyalgia Pain

Nic Baker specializes in movement therapy to help treat pain. In this video, he describes what he believes to be the eight different types of pain that fibromyalgia patients suffer from.

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Baker talks about each area and the different symptoms fibro patients experience with each different type of pain, for instance, feeling cold all the time may lead to sleeplessness and weight gain, whereas heavy pain can often be associated with gut issues and food intolerances. He explains that people may suffer from different types of pain and each type needs to be addressed separately.

Working on the different areas of pain should help bring fibro patients relief and allow them to control the symptoms associated with the pain such as nausea, fatigue and irritability.

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    • Linda Abbott says:

      I can’t tolerate a regular massage, either…but I found a massage therapist who understands fibro and she gives me a “massage” where she barely touches me. It’s called something like “effilage”. If you say that to a therapist, it will be understood. I find that my muscles totally relax with this type of massage and I don’t get the pain “boomerang” I get if I dare try anything else.

      • Michellle says:

        I am a massasge therapist with fibromyalgia. I specialize in clients with fibro because I know how it feels to get that painful deep massage. It is important to tell your massage therapist prior to the massage just homw much pain you are in and ask them if they would do light work. If they are good they will ask you at first if you can tolerate the pressure they are using. Anytime you can’t tolerate it let them know. The word you are looking for is effleurage. 🙂

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