Breaking Down Fibromyalgia Treatment Into the Four Rs

In this video, Dr. Ginevra Liptan a medical director and fellow fibromyalgia sufferer from the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia talks about her simplistic approach to treatment for the condition using what she calls the “four Rs.”

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Lipton explains that treatment for fibromyalgia should be based around four basic principals: repair, rest, rebalance and reduce. Using conventional targeted medications alongside complementary therapies such as yoga, medication, and mindfulness can help people overcome their fibromyalgia flares and reduce the symptoms associated with the disease.

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  1. Donitta K Cody says:

    I am in terrible pain, muscle spasms, Charlie horses, everywhere, feet arms legs shoulders,back, ribs.i was on Klonopin 1 mg 3 Xs day & was doing great but with the “opiate scare” my Dr doesn’t want to give me any pain meds or narcotics at all. I agreed to try it his way now I am so miserable,can barely walk or move, I have a torn rotator cuff & multiple fractures in my foot & still can’t get a pain med! Can’t take ultram or neurontin, I am on cymbalta paxil buspar but I am anxious all the time, not sleeping, my neck is all knotted up. Idk what to do!

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