Getting Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Elle Stone vlogs the results of her meeting with a rheumatologist. After suffering from chronic pain, she was pleased to report that blood work has ruled out any inflammation and that she doesn’t have arthritis. However, she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

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Elle describes that pain that she has been experiencing, along with brain fog and fatigue. She goes on to discuss things she has found that have helped her to control her symptoms so far, which include organic curcumin, a magnesium drink, and cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp seeds.

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  1. Linda J Clifford says:

    Coincidentally, I am starting CBD oil tomorrow. I have had fibromyalgia/anxiety, osteoarthritis etc. for years. About 10 years go I was put on Valium for anxiety, for which I am so sorry for doing. However, my primary care doctor has a tapering plan worked out for me and I asked him if using CBD would help and he agreed immediately and knew all about it. I have the name of a dispensary to get it in town. I had read up on this quite a bit and was anxious to five it a trial. So now, in addition to helping me taper off my Valium it will help relieve some my pain. And I also take magnesium 300 mg a day in a capsule and tumeric oil (just recently purchased that). So, thank you so much Elle for sharing this and that I just saw this today is a small miracle in my life! Good luck and I will let you know how it works for me!

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