When Pondering Holiday Gifts for Fibromyalgia, Consider This

When Pondering Holiday Gifts for Fibromyalgia, Consider This
Ah, yes. The holidays are here again! The time of year when we and our loved ones begin eyeing all those so-called pain-relieving gadgets for sale in stores and online. Those of us who always hurt from fibromyalgia may be vulnerable to nearly anything creative minds want to sell us, especially if we cannot tolerate any medications known to help our condition. It doesn't matter if any clinical studies have been completed to prove the gadget's value. When pills, supplements, dietary changes, and exercise regimens don't improve our suffering, we’re often willing to try just about anything! One year, I received a magnetic mattress pad as a gift. I had heard about it from a speaker at our local fibromyalgia support group. The salesman brought along a satisfied customer who swore that sleeping on this mattress pad for only a few weeks alleviated the total body pain she’d had for the last several years. She credited it for her ability to resume playing tennis every day. I must have mentioned this presentation to my husband, and he remembered. On Christmas morning, there it was, in a great big box under the Christmas tree. We spent the day changing the sheets on my bed to accommodate this heavy monstrosity. And I was quite willing to try it.   As a failure, it was a great success! I awoke every couple of hours during the night in the midst of a nightmare. In my dreams, I was sleeping on the sidewalk and wondering why. By morning, I ached all over — worse than at any time during the previous two decades. The first thing I did the next morning was to unmake my bed, remove this metallic torture chamber, and repackage it for return as soon as possible.   I’m not saying this item doesn’t work. The tennis lady appeared quite pleased with her purchase. U
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    • Christine Lynch says:

      Hi, Theresa
      Sure. I have plenty. How about a heating pad? An ice pack holder with a velcro wrap-around band? Yoga mat? Yoga therapy balls? A TENS unit? A soft neck roll? A folding cane with a seat? A portable seat cushion? I guess anything that makes life easier and/or more comfortable is a good idea.

    • Christine Lynch says:

      I highly recommend you subscribe to Fibromyalgia News Today. In addition to my weekly column written from the patient’s perspective, here you will find the latest results of research and clinical trials that are happening all over the world.

      • Lin says:

        Hi I have fibromyalgia for years. I have pain all the time , Now I notice my pain getting worse my legs now are burning me , it feels like i
        Have server sun burn. I can’t move my body hurts so bad What could I do for this Please help thank you

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