Easter Sunday Travels

Easter Sunday Travels

Fibromyalgia has invaded every part of my body and my life, with no regard for my health and well-being. I would never have chosen it, but it has shaped me in ways that would not have been possible if my health had never been tested. Still, it turns everyday activities into challenges. Travel is one of them.

On Easter Sunday, my husband and I traveled to my son’s home. He and his sweet wife had just purchased it, and we hadn’t seen it yet. It was a 45-minute trip each way, and I was already in pain before we even left. I used a cushion for my back in hopes that it wouldn’t hurt too terribly at the end of our excursion.

We shared lunch with our family and got to check out their charming first home. It was really nice not to have to do the cooking and cleaning. I just got to relax, enjoy their company, and share funny memories. It broke through the shield of loneliness that typically surrounds me. I don’t get to see my kids as often as I’d like, so I treasure these times.

The challenge here was their golden retriever “puppy” that kept trying to sit in my lap — all 40-plus pounds of him. He didn’t realize how much pain that caused me; he just wanted to show me affection. There was a time in my pre-fibro life when I would have truly enjoyed that. 

I have to say that I enjoy being in the car with my husband. Without real distractions, we get to talk about so many things. He holds my hand, and we sing to the radio. We get uninterrupted together time, a truly precious gift! He works two jobs and long hours, so any time we get to spend together is time we both cherish. 

The ride home was somewhat uncomfortable for me, and was a constant reminder of my illness and my physical limitations. It’s always good to get out, but even better to be back home. We lived in Massachusetts for most of our lives and moved to New Hampshire several years ago. After leaving my son’s home in Massachusetts, my husband and I agreed that we could never go back to living there. We love the quiet, the lack of traffic, and the slower pace of life. 

Next year, I think we’ll invite the family up here. That way, I can lie down when I need to.


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