Tips for Traveling and Staying Comfortable with Fibro

Tips for Traveling and Staying Comfortable with Fibro

Through the Fog

I have always tended to be more of a homebody than a traveler, although I did enjoy visiting Maine each summer with my sister. We would eat junk food and laugh so much that the seven-hour car ride just flew by. Although it’s been a few years since we made that trip together, I’m hopeful we can do it again this summer.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few tips to make traveling a little easier. If you plan on traveling soon, perhaps you’ll find the following suggestions helpful.

Avoiding stress is good advice for every day, but especially if you’re making plans to travel. Making plans, securing transportation and tickets, packing and unpacking, and other related activities are always stressful. Even having fun can cause stress. To counter this, take some time for deep breathing and listening to music that relaxes you.

Dress comfortably while traveling. I wear shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals or comfy sneakers. I also bring one dressy outfit just in case. Apart from that, I pack nothing but comfortable clothes. It’s possible to look nice and be comfortable, so don’t compromise on that.

I love air conditioning when it’s hot outside and we’re driving on the highway, but the cold can also increase my pain after a while. So, I bring a sweatshirt and a light blanket to cover my legs when the cool air becomes too much.

Due to fibro fog and general forgetfulness, I make a list of everything I need to pack, and I do mean everything. As I pack, I check each item on the list. For the return trip, I cross each item off the list as I pack it. That way, I won’t leave anything behind. I also pack my meds but keep a week’s worth separately in my travel pill container. 

Another important suggestion is to make sure to listen to your body. Although we usually want to have as much fun as possible and try to fill our schedules with activities, remember that it can ruin our vacation if we end up exhausted and in more pain. It can also make us feel guilty if others aren’t able to join in the fun because they are taking care of us.

When traveling by car, I stop and get out every two hours. That keeps me from becoming too stiff and allows me to move my muscles. We have to keep that blood circulating! Plus, it’s a great time for a potty break and filling the gas tank.

I always take my own pillow, and I’m considering a travel mattress topper as well. When I’m in bed, I need to be as comfortable as I can. 

As with everything in our life, balance is the key. I wish you incredible journeys and loads of adventure. Make some good memories!


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