6 Tips for Improving Daily Life with Fibromyalgia

6 Tips for Improving Daily Life with Fibromyalgia
I'm always on the lookout for life hacks, tricks that can help improve daily life with fibromyalgia. I love finding ideas that others have shared that honestly would not have occurred to me. I'd like to share six of those. Perhaps some will be of help to you.

1. Cooking

I have invested in a small crockpot, as well as an instant pot. I also got good cookbooks with recipes I would enjoy. I love being able to just turn on the appliance and let it do most of the work. I can then enjoy two to three meals from it.

2. Chores

There are some chores that I'm actually able to do (some with modifications). I have a bowl with folded-up slips of paper in it. On those slips of paper, I've written simple tasks like clean out one drawer, wash bathroom sink, dust bookshelf — you get the idea. Anyway, when I'm feeling up to it, I'll take a slip of paper, read the chore, and do that thing. I might do only one thing, a few things, or nothing at all, depending on how I'm feeling. I put the slips with the chores I've done in a different bowl, so I eventually get them all done.

3. Exercise

Exercise does not need to be done in one chunk of time. I experience post-exertional malaise, so doing short walks a couple of times a day works best for me. When there's cold or inclement weather, I walk from one end of my house to the other, usually three times a day. I know my body and what it can do. If I'm outside, I'll use a cane or rollator for greater stability. When I'm feeling especially weak but want to be outside, my husband will push me in my wheelchair. If I'm unable to get out of bed, I'll do some
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