Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits Fibromyalgia Patients with History of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Study Shows

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits Fibromyalgia Patients with History of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Study Shows
Childhood sexual abuse produces post-traumatic physical and psychological distress that can alter brain connectivity and lead to fibromyalgia, researchers say. Their study found that supplying the brain with oxygen through hyperbaric oxygen therapy improved brain connectivity and quality of life among survivors diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The study “Brain and Mind Integration: Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Experiencing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Psychotherapy Concurrently” was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. Traumatic experiences such as childhood sexual abuse can alter the brain’s signalling pathways, culminating in reduced blood supply and oxygen levels, and "induce chronic brain injury," professor Shai Efrati of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience, and the study lead author said in a press release. "These non-healing brain wounds may explain certain unremitting long-term physical and psychological disorders like fibromyalgia,” Efrati said. "We also now know that fibromyalgia takes root in the part of the brain responsible for pain interpretation. Using novel brain imaging technologies, we have now, for the first time, identified the ... areas of the brain injured by traumatic abuse.” The researchers assessed whether hyperbaric oxygen treatment could reverse the effects of childhood sexual abuse, following a previous study that suggested the
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  1. kermit says:

    I do not agree about this study, in the first place you used 100% women , you need to look at the stage of the act to what happened during the act !
    Then look ate the resopnce, if they do not remember how is this real ? one would think the the act would spure more in the hippocampus lobe this would spure more of a affect to one well being during the reponce to thought of flight and responce witch would cause a nureal reponce to ones acting in a reponce in real time !?

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