Fibromyalgia Treatment Trial Sparks Increase in Requests for EpicGenetics’ Diagnostic Test

Fibromyalgia Treatment Trial Sparks Increase in Requests for EpicGenetics’ Diagnostic Test
A 50 percent uptick in the past couple of months in applications for a diagnostic blood test called FM/a for fibromyalgia is largely due to a new clinical trial testing a tuberculosis vaccine for treating the condition, according to EpicGenetics, which developed the test. The collaborative Massachusetts General Hospital Phase 2 trial is investigating the use of a generic vaccine called BCG, globally used to prevent tubercolosis, to treat and reverse fibromyalgia. In September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the EpicGenetics-funded trial, which the company says has resulted in more requests for the FM/a test. "I regularly hear from patients who are thankful for a test that legitimizes their disease and saves them time and money of the traditional ‘rule out’ method,” Bruce Gillis, MD, EpicGenetics' CEO, said in a press release. "Patients are mobilizing because now, for the first time, there is hope. They have the chance of a treatment that does more than merely mask the symptoms. It actually addresses the disease of fibromyalgia.” The 2012 federal approval of FM/a, the first blood test for fibromyalgia, led California-based EpicGenetics to expand its re
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  1. Linda Zunda says:

    My sister had the test a year ago, and I did as well nearly a year ago. We both tested positive and have been waiting for news on the BCG trial. It would be wonderful to reduce/get rid of the symptoms! We’ve heard nothing to date. Are there any private doctors who are using BCG to treat fibro patients? It seems as if it would make sense… few side effects, etc.

  2. Keena says:

    The wait is excruciating! Also, when I was told of the trial, I asked at the time of the test if there would be placebos used and I was told no. Now information publicized says there will. I understand this from a scientific standpoint but I have to say, I’m disappointed. Of course insurance wouldn’t cover my test and now, even if I ever am able to participate, I may not even get the vaccination. This has been really been a roller coaster ride of hope and disappointment. Now stop making us wait and get going with the trial. There has been too little information as to the status.

  3. Rhonda Frank says:

    this is the first time i have seen this i would love to be in on this i was told in 2006 the i have fibro i have lived in pain ever since they have try me on all of the meds out there nothing has worked i am so sick and tired of being sick and tired and the pain is unreal can you please help me

  4. Terri French says:

    Is this trial full? How come my rheumatologist never mentioned this to me. I have been fighting this since 2016 or 2017. Regardless, I am mentioning this test to my doctor when I see her in 10 days.

  5. Mireille says:

    I am considering just to get the vaccine here in Holland. I just tell my docter I agoing to travel to Azie for a few months. I did the test had a score of 92 and I am tired of waiting. I also do not want to travel to Boston if I might end up in the placebo group. I have been waiting for more than 2 years to get this medicine. But you know the medicine is already there you don’t have to wait for Epic Genetics.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Two years ago I was told by EpicGenetics employees that the first phase of the trial was already completed and that the second phase was approved by the FDA so those who tested positive for FM by EpicGenetics lab would receive the BCG vaccine… and no placebo would be given during this second phase. When I called today, July 23, 2019, I am told that the first trial has not even started and that 50% of the participants will receive the placebo. Very upsetting news.

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