More Than Tender Points

More Than Tender Points
I'm usually a very modest person, but today I get to toot my own horn. After a Herculean effort spanning nearly 10 years, my second book is finally for sale on Amazon. It's actually the second edition of my first book which described the unique and sometimes humorous experiences of my fibromyalgia (FM) life. That first edition was called "Tender Points: A Fibromyalgia Memoir." That title reflected the criteria used in the past for a fibromyalgia diagnosis. "Don't have a history of at least three months of pain in all four quadrants of your body as well as tenderness in 11 out of 18 specific tender points? Sorry, you don't have fibromyalgia." Diagnosis was as cut and dried as that. However, diagnosis wasn't an issue for me. I'd had decades of total body pain, severe fatigue, cognitive issues, and 16 out of 18 tender points during any given exam. Others were not so fortunate. Despite years of experiencing many of the same symptoms I had, those with fewer than 11 tender points were denied a diagnosis. Of course, at the time there were no medications approved for the illness. So, whether you received a correct diagnosis or not, it made little difference to your treatment. However, it made a huge difference if you were unable to work and were applying for disability payments. Shortly after the publication of my 2007 book, the criteria were reevaluated. Rheumatologists had noticed that many of their patients had similar pain histories, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties to those diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The patients suffered from additional symptoms common with FM, such as irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorder, and sensitivities to light, sound, and smell. It became apparent that some patients with FM were being misdiagnosed because of th
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  1. Joanne says:

    The tender point test is meant to differentiate fibro from CFS, for example, as almost all other symptoms except this one overlap. Too many people who don’t meet the tender points criteria have been wrongly diagnosed with fibro. Up to a quarter of people with fibro don’t actually have fibro, or CFS or similar.

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