I Use the Law of Attraction to Defeat Fibromyalgia

I Use the Law of Attraction to Defeat Fibromyalgia

Christine Tender Points

I was raised in a religious tradition, but I’ve become a spiritual thinker and a strong believer in the natural laws as defined by nature and explained by reason. Natural laws exist at all times in both the presence and absence of positive laws, which are laws established by a governing body such as a national government.

You might be unfamiliar with natural laws, but they still influence your life. For example, gravity will pull you to the ground if you fall off a roof, even if you don’t believe gravity (a natural law) exists.

One of the mightiest natural laws is the law of attraction. Before I’d even heard of it, it had a very negative effect on my life. Simply put, this law says that you attract into your life whatever you focus on. When my fibromyalgia symptoms were particularly severe, I was determined to find an effective treatment. I spent months researching, locating, scheduling, and attending appointments with every available category of healthcare provider who treats fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia consumed my every waking moment; I suffered from it, researched and wrote about it, and sought treatment for it.

My efforts to curb the pain and suffering only created more pain and suffering. Yes, I got an education. I learned many techniques that ease my symptoms to this day. I experimented with medications and supplements only to discover that, for me, they produced worse side effects than the symptoms they were meant to treat. After all this effort, I was no better than I’d been before my quest’s start.

While reading one of Deepak Chopra’s books on meditation, I was reminded of the law of attraction. I began to question my actions. Could I be attracting into my life the very suffering I sought to relieve? I had reached a point in which I’d pretty much exhausted all other options. Certainly, this “law” was worth consideration.

So, I shifted my focus to other things. Instead of spending my days researching new therapies, I concentrated on finding and doing things that brought me joy. I found new ways to do things I’d previously felt unable to participate in. Even though I couldn’t do everything I’d once done to the extent I’d once done them, I saw that with some motivation and creativity, there were alternative ways to accomplish the same things.

I still research and write. But the topic isn’t always fibromyalgia. I now write articles on many other subjects as well. I can’t stand on risers to sing with a chorus as I once did, but I can still participate while sitting down. Preparing meals is possible if I do the peeling and chopping while seated. Despite fibromyalgia, I can still enjoy life!

Happily, the more I focus on doing the things I enjoy, the less bothersome my fibromyalgia symptoms are. Concentrating on what I want rather than what I don’t want has positively affected my life. I’m a believer in the law of attraction and I’m using it to change my life for the better.


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