Magnesium Deficiency Should Be Treated in FM Patients

Magnesium Deficiency Should Be Treated in FM Patients
Through the Fog Did you know that magnesium is known as the "relaxation mineral"? The brain, nerves, and muscles all respond to its calming effect. We need to supplement our "soils" since they have become increasingly depleted of the minerals that our bodies need. It is not atypical to find patients with FM who have a magnesium deficiency. A study of 44 women with an average age of 43 showed that magnesium is one of the minerals the participants significantly lacked. This analysis was done using samples of the women's hair. Since we absorb magnesium better through the skin (aka transdermal), it is best to get it either by soaking in some magnesium salts or by using magnesium lotion or oil. Taking magnesium internally (think milk of magnesia) can disrupt our digestive process, causing loose stools. If you need a resource for magnesium, click here. Another way we can get more magnesium is engaging in what is known as float therapy. The technical term is REST, reduced environmental stimulation therapy. If you can find somewhere near you that offers this, you might want to give it a try. An international study testing REST is ongoing, although it is no longer accepting new participants. For REST, about 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt is added to a warm, shallow pool. Th
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  1. Christine Lynch says:

    I’m so sensitive to magnesium that even a foot soak with epsom salts gives me diarrhea. A drop of oil on my wrist has the same effect. My only option is to get it from my food. I eat lots of nuts and spinach and hope for the best.

    • Daniel Rogers says:

      Epsom is Magnesium Sulfate. The sulfate can irritate like in Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. That is why Magnesium Chloride is better. Chloride is the most abundant electrolyte in the body. You need so much chloride compared to Sulfate/Sulfur. The oil can be way to concentrate at 100% saturation. It is best to use an oil that is 60% or even a cream at 15% which is great for babies with sensitive skin. Through the skin is the best. The ocean in comparison is 3.5% salinity to compare the concentration. everything needs to be balanced. I found Elektra Magnesium best for me.

  2. Although my blood tests don’t show a deficiency, I truly believe I have one. Started taking magnesium malate last summer and some pain I was having stopped overnight. While it hasn’t made all of my FMS pain go away, it has helped significantly! I am a believer!

    • Daniel Rogers says:

      Blood tests arent showing what is in your bones, tissues or Cartilage. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the only way to test. Or just the symptoms. For instance there is no test for dehydration you just drink water. This is the same for Magnesium, you just take it transdermally and you can never overdose. Just like you can take magnesium from the ocean when swimming but you can never overdose by swimming in the ocean for too long. There are natural magnesium chloride, creams, lotions, oils, flakes (food grade). Make sure you look at ingredients and shea butter and coconut oil are really good for balancing the salts with magnesium hence why so many culture close to the ocean use them.

  3. Daniel Rogers says:

    If Lady Gaga had more magnesium she would be able to do her tours and not quit because of her FM. So many rich people dont know the simple things to help their debilitating diseases. You can help save so many lives with Magnesium. Love your work Robin, its good to see people getting the message out there, it can save so many lives with the stress we put ourselves under these days.

    • Sharon Kraft says:

      Lady Gaga was not able to continue her tours because of her FM. Like all of us out here she is probably seeking to find a treatment that works best for her. I was told by a previous doctor that all I needed was magnesium and all of my symptoms would go away. She was as ill informed as most doctors are when it comes to FM. While magnesium can be helpful it is not a cure all. I appreciate Lady Gaga for speaking out about how FM affects her ability to perform. Sometimes we need to stop and take time to take care of ourselves.

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