Could Cannabis Be the Solution for Fibromyalgia Patients?

As more states in the U.S. along with countries around the world legalize the use of medical marijuana, could cannabis be a pain relief solution for fibromyalgia patients?

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Earlier this year, Cannabis Science announced that they were going to start manufacturing cannabis patches designed to relieve fibromyalgia pain. The patches would be worn on the body and deliver a controlled dose of cannabinoids over a period of time. Read more about this announcement here. 

Cannabinoids have been used for centuries in traditional healing and there are advocates of medical marijuana for a myriad of health complaints. Many fibromyalgia patients already use marijuana-based products, often reporting excellent results with no side-effects. Some have even been able to stop taking conventional medications, so it’s not surprising the fibromyalgia community is looking forward to being able to legally use these types of products to help them manage their symptoms.

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    • Jo says:

      Hi Karen
      I am in England so Medical Marijuana is not available neither are Patches (Im allergic to anything patch related anyway so it wouldn’t help me) But I do use CBD oil which is what your talking about, it does relieve some of my pain, but I have to have a high strength and it is very expensive or it is in my country anyway

      • Sherrie Harris says:

        From what I have been told by people who have tried to use the alerted marijuana products that it doesn’t work the same as the plant in its natural state. I think for it to help Fibromyalgia we need both CBC and the THC to work for the pain and fatigue. This was told to me by a lady who receive it and she said that they mess it up when they start trying to take out the THC bc it does help pain.

    • Maureen Roland says:

      I’ve tried CBD Oil without THC (the illegal substance) from Palmetto Harmony (they can be trusted to remove THC). It has helped me when required to reduce my dosage of prescription opioids, but I haven’t found it effective just on its own for fibro.

  1. Imogen Martin says:

    I use cannabis oil orally for fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme’s – the “full spectrum” homemade kind made with coconut oil (virgin or MCT), which is legal for medical use in my state. It works well to reduce stress and anxiety (PTSD), enhances sleep and improves overall comfort for all that ails me, but is not a cure. I find the oil is very beneficial externally for neuropathy problems, and reduces cramping in my legs.

    • Sherrie Harris says:

      May I ask which brand and strength do you use? I need it for the leg and foot pain for now I have Motor nerve damage in both of my legs from my lumbar spine that’s blown out and disc degenerative disease. They want me to take Gabapentin which makes me so messed up like I have drank a bunch of whiskey I can’t think on it much less try to walk these drugs they throw at us are much more dangerous than marijuana. You cannot OD on marijuana but you certainly can with the medication they have me taking. Thank you for sharing your information. Keep on the fight for us to be treated properly for this awful disease we have to deal with 24/7 365 days a year. Gentle hug to you

      • Jo says:

        Hi Sherrie, I use a brand called Amma life here’s there site, hope i’m allowed to do this. they have various strengths on here.
        They wanted me to take Pregabalin, but I have tried to explain to them I’m side effect sensitive,especially after taking Duloxotine and passing out on them they just see me as being uncooperative and will no longer help me

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