How Pets Can Help Ease Symptoms, Improve Life

How Pets Can Help Ease Symptoms, Improve Life
If you are a pet owner, you know they can bring a lot of joy to our lives. But did you know that they can also have a profound effect on our health as well? Here are a few ways that pets help improve our health and overall well-being. Pets relieve stress. This is my favorite health reason to own a fur baby. Stress is a major issue for most people, but chronic pain and other health issues can push you over the edge. Chilling out with your pet is a great way to relax and unwind. Exercise. Dog ownership and exercise go hand in hand. Those daily walks are a wonderful way to get exercise. Movement is very important to people with fibromyalgia. Even though it can hurt initially, you will feel better over time. Dogs and cats both love to play. Tossing a ball or stick around the yard for Fido or a toy mouse around the house for your feline is another calorie-burner that gets those muscles and joints moving. Pets reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. This can be attributed to a decrease in anxiety, blood pressure and cholesterol through increased physical activity as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety. Pets love you unconditionally. They don’t judge you. They don’t make you feel bad about yourself. They won’t stop loving you because you can’t do the things you used to do. They won’t put you down or make you feel like a failure. In fact, they do just the opposite. Owning a pet will make you accountable and responsible. You have to care for your four-legged friend. You have a reason to get up in the morning. Pets need you. They need to be fed, walked, brushed, loved, held, cuddled, and played with. Adopting a pet not only gives that animal a new lease on life, it could do the same for you. Owning a pet combats loneliness. Need a
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  1. Karen says:

    My dog is now 15 years old. I am 70 years old. I will not replace Mattie. The extra expense & care is something I do not need. I may decide to downsize & move to an apartment. Animals are usually not allowed.

  2. Kaz says:

    I would love a Dog for all the reasons above and I live alone.
    So company would be amazing. 🐶 How ever I live in a Massionette
    So I can’t have one. I would recommend to everyone who can have a dog to get one its a new lease of life. I still miss my Dog who I lost 5yrs ago 😢
    Thank you for the info on animals & Fibro, I’m newly diagnosed this

    • Xtrag says:

      If it a service dog or emotional support dog it may be allowed. It sounds like you may just need an emotional support dog, and that is an easy fix. Just a doctors note and online forms. Then pick the dog with a mild temperament that you can train to be good with strangers.
      Good luck..

  3. Stella says:

    My husband got me a puppy about 4 months after I got sick, because I was suddenly home alone a lot once I stopped working and he started adding hours, I got lonely really quickly. (And that was probably one of the very few good things to come out of all this Fibromyalgia hell.) But I’ve now had my little 6 pound Maltese/Yorkie ball-of-fluff, Ellie, for 7 years now and she has been my little best friend through the whole thing. And it’s true, no matter what, she’s in a good mood, she loves me, she doesn’t think I look fat, and she just wants to be next to me. Feels good to be needed these days.

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