Fibromyalgia Is Common in People with Jaw and Neck Muscle Conditions, Study Shows

Fibromyalgia Is Common in People with Jaw and Neck Muscle Conditions, Study Shows
A large percentage of patients with craniomandibular (CMD) and craniocervical (CCD) disorders — musculoskeletal conditions that affect the jaw and the neck — also have fibromyalgia, according to a study by researchers at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. The findings suggest that these pain-related conditions are linked, underscoring the need for a multidisciplinary diagnostic approach when examining patients with head and jaw pain. It is unknown if the underlying fibromyalgia causes the two conditions, or if CMD and CCD influence the development of fibromyalgia. In the study, “Fibromyalgia in patients with chronic CCD and CMD - A retrospective study of 555 patients,” researchers reviewed patient medical records to screen for symptoms of fibromyalgia. The report, published in the The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice, showed that 351 patients — 63% of the cohort analyzed — met diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia. The group’s average age was 45, and 70% were women. Almost all of the patients (96%) had pain lasting longer than six months, and 71% experienced pain in a large area of the body. The analysis showed that patients who met fibromyalgia criteria had higher scores on the widespread pain index (WPI), a checklist indicating where on the body a patient experienced pain in the last week, and higher symptom severity scores compared with patients who did not have fibromyalgia. They also had higher levels of exhaustion, cognitive impairment, disturbed sleep, dizziness, and heart problems compared with people who did not meet fibromyalgia crite
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    • Laurence Badgley says:

      The primary cause of FM is pelvic girdle sacroiliac joint (SIJ) instability from Hypermobility Syndrome, accidents & childbirth leading chronic low back pain & to deconditioning & chronic widespread muscle spasm in a tilted body tower. TMJ, TOS & neck pain evolve later at top of a chronically tilted body tower & from asymmetric chronic muscle spasms with widespread anoxic trigger points. In TMJ one of Masseter muscles spastic & hypertropic (bulging) from chronically tilted head. In TOS one of Superior trapezium muscles hypertrophic & spastic. Look in mirror. GRAVITY RULES!

      • Preston Andrew says:

        Are you a Dr.? I think my wife might have something like this from what you’ve described. She had twins 6-months ago and after has experienced constant lower back pain. Just recently her neck has had severe pain. We can’t figure out what it is and all her tests from the ER don’t show anything. But she can’t move her head and her throat also feels inflamed. Who should we consult with?!

        • Magdalena Kegel says:

          Hi Preston,
          I assume that you’ve been in contact with a neurologist already. I am not a doctor and so, I can’t advise you on whom to see. But I really do hope that someone will figure out what is causing her pain.

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