Don’t Just Survive, Find a Way to Thrive

Don’t Just Survive, Find a Way to Thrive

Through the Fog
I know, especially when we’re in a flare, feeling depressed, or basically just hating where we are at the moment, we slip into survival mode. We all do. I would like to challenge myself and you to find ways that we don’t just survive but find ways we can thrive. Don’t let fibro steal your life, causing you to settle for less than you have to.

How about if we explore together some ways to thrive and what that might look like. Are you aware enough of your limitations and how far you can push yourself without holding back? I’m still learning this more than seven years into this journey that I would never have chosen to take. I know you would never have chosen this, either.

My son got married on Memorial Day weekend. I didn’t get much sleep the night before. The wedding wasn’t until 3:30 in the afternoon, but I couldn’t rest much because my mom was here. I showered, put some makeup on, got dressed, and settled in for the 45-minute drive to the venue. I made the choice that FM was not going to steal this special day from me.

The ceremony was brief, and then it was on to fun photo-taking, great food, and loving on my daughter-in-law. I had a blast. We ate, and I visited with my family and my son’s new in-laws as well as friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I absolutely enjoyed myself. Two hours into the reception, though, I hit my tolerance wall. I knew it was time to leave, so we said our goodbyes. I chose to thrive that day, and I’m so glad that I did!

We thrive when we choose to say no to self-pity and yes to self-care. We thrive when we say yes to adventure (even a small one) and no to another day in bed. We thrive when say yes to more salads and no to more brownies. We thrive when we say yes to taking a shower and getting dressed and no to staying in our jams.

I don’t just want to survive with FM, I truly want to thrive! I refuse to let this disease take more from me without fighting back. Are you with me? THRIVE. Let’s encourage one another and keep our surviving for those no-good, very bad days, ok?

I know you have some great ideas, so please share them. Share this with your fibro friends if you think they would benefit from it.


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  1. Pamela says:

    Best wishes to the newlyweds and to you for being really strong that day….I love those kind of days…. yesterday I took my 12 yr old and his friend to a water park…. I rented a mobility scooter and talk about life changing ?….. I made the impossible possible…. we are looking into purchasing me a scooter… my oldest son graduated a couple weeks ago and I was in my new wheelchair…. i got asked by at least a dozen people what was wrong with me but I just smiled and said “it’s a long story” but I thrived because I was able to dress up nice and wear pretty shoes ? ?….. those are two ways I’m learning to thrive…..oh and the graduation was at a huge arena and parking was many blocks away….I couldn’t have done it without the wheelchair. Lots of tools out there to help us we just have to use them.

  2. HJ says:

    I am 37 years old and I cannot manage some activities my peers enjoy.

    Instead, I enjoy birdwatching. I can do it out my back window. I can put feeders up to bring the birds to me. Their diversity is amazing and I enjoy the surprises nature brings my way.

    As I run errands, I am more mindful of nature. A red tailed hawk soaring effortlessly on thermals is a gift when I have had a difficult day. A bit of serendipity.

    I also enjoy photography but the large camera has been home more than I like. It is heavy. Better for use out the back window.

    I also love listening to audio books and learning from them.

    I have thought about learning to draw or paint. I may practice another language though I can’t rely on my memory as much as I used to. My friend enjoys her puzzles. Another more sedentary hobby. Find your joy… and explore possibilities.

    I also am so grateful for my green cheek conure, who is wonderful company. I have invested time in training and learning about his diet. (Birds are delicate and intelligent so he is a full-time investment.)

  3. I am just reading about how to thrive with Fibromyalgia. I’ve had this for many years and I am 64 now. Suddenly what was manageable is no longer. My groin is completely hindering me from any sort of normal life. My pelvic area is sore, upper arms both sides and legs of course. I’m living on Advil, doctor wanted me on Prednisone which is one horrid drug. Lower back is very tender and neck. I am on no pain meds at all. Just Effexor. That’s it! Going to try Medical Marijuana. Just might help.

  4. Jagdish Khalsa says:

    Really appreciate your mindset. It is a hard disease to feel positive about but one does have to focus very hard on what is positive because there are things that are. Through the pain, we can gain insight, patience, compassion.

  5. Felicia says:

    I just recently tried Marijuana. There tablets called Stratos, it really helps when your having that pain that is radiating and you’ve done everything you can do to bring that pain level done. It worked.

  6. Jagdish says:

    Regarding Stratos, besides the Cannabis, what other ingredients are in it? I usually can’t take edibles cause the contain corn syrup.
    Very good that this is working for u & good to know.

  7. Alouette says:

    When I became a single mom I had only one choice but to be there for my sons. I told FMS that since it was here to stay it was going to have to take a backseat in my life and I could not give it the attention it wanted because my sons needed me and our health and happiness was more important than it. I have FMS but FMS doesn’t have me!

  8. viviane says:

    I am 67 years old and do not believe in giving in to my Fibro, I get up at 6am, go out into my garden with my dogs, have a few cups of herbal tea, no breakfeast, then go for 1 hr walk with 3 of my 6 dogs, then have a 11am lunch with a big salad, afternoon tea with hot water and lemon and a big cookie then diner at 6am very little maybe a sandwich with cold chicken or cheese, well I also run a Ladies support group for the last 7 years every Tuesdays at 2,30pm to 4,30pm, and go to a bible study every Friday at 3pm to 5pm. Saturday afternoon is hairdresser ans food shopping, my husband travels a lot 3 times or more a year and I am left on my own, i manage,some days better then others, but can only do all this in afternoon after 1hr rest after lunch… well this is the new ME, was never like that before and I know you understand, but we have to change our ways to manage our life now,,,and we can do it, a moment at the time…..

  9. Charlene says:

    Hi Robin,
    And thank you for your post. Remaining positive and modifying tasks so participation is the key to staying engaged in life is key.

    Like you I’ve suffered, flare up and occasionally wallow. Having fibromyalgia changes how I can do things, some things like running races and rock climbing have been replaced but persisting is key.

    Your positive outlook and ability to self care & take responsibility resonates with me.
    Thank you, here is to thriving-and doing our best every day as fibro warriors (each day is a battle we win by staying in while respecting our ‘edge’)

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