Why Fibromyalgia Feels Like a Progressive Disorder

This video from newlifeoutlook explores whether or not fibromyalgia is a progressive or degenerative disorder. The medical world doesn’t classify fibromyalgia as a progressive disorder, however, many people living with the disease say their symptoms have gotten worse over the years.

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Although the body may not technically get any worse for those with fibromyalgia, the strain of recurrent flares and having to deal with constant pain and fatigue can lead to a declining quality of life. The video suggests patients begin to track flares to establish patterns and potential triggers which could be avoided in the future. It also advises they maintain a positive approach to new treatments and therapies and that they track their effectiveness.

Acknowledging the emotional side of fibromyalgia is important too, all fibromyalgia sufferers should make it a priority to look after their mental well-being.

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  1. Darlene says:

    It’s hard to follow the suggestions you offer because of brain fog!!! I could start a system for keeping notes trying to be consistent and systematic with note taking and in a few days forget all about it…for days, weeks, months or forever! 🙁

  2. Mary Hamilton says:

    The Medical world says fibromyalgia is not a progressive disorder but just a few years ago the medical world said there was no such thing as this disorder!

    • StevefromMA says:

      Good thought, Mary, those of us with this disorder know more about it than a bunch of people in white coats sitting in an office. Genevra Liptan, M.D., author of the Fibro Manual and a patient with fibro for decades, responded to that question by answering yes, it does appear to be progressive, if I recall her interview correctly. Fibro fog is not one of my symptoms, only pain. Mine has gotten almost intolerably worse from ages 64 to now, 69. Whether it is declining resilience, though my health is excellent otherwise, or progressive brain inflammation of fibro, we can only speculate.

  3. Marita Mitchell says:

    I totally disagree. Over the 40 years I’ve sufferred, my husband, friends and son can tell the degeneration clearly. It has affected every part of my life. Our family plans our future with my degeneration in mind and my psychologist certainly agrees, not only in my case, but for other clients he sees as well.

  4. Jane says:

    I feel it is degenerative. I know I had symptoms of this a very long time ago and didn’t have a name for what I was feeling and experiencing in the 80’s. I had off and on symptoms of all the traits of fibro but they were spaced a long time apart that I never considered anything to be truly wrong. Today I have flares and such so often that it’s debilitating, my quality of life has been severely compromised. I do the best I can with meds and everything else under the sun like all of us.

  5. Nisey says:

    This is an illness that gets worse and affects the brain. I now have brain atrophy but they cannot diagnose me with any neurodegenerative illness at this time. I do not fit the profile for anything. I have balance issues and fibromyalgia for nearly 30 years. Wake up medical community this is a real, degenerative illness that takes your brain.

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