Vlogger Shares How She Manages Fibromyalgia Symptoms

In this video from Living on a Dime, vlogger Tawra shares some of the ways she manages her fibromyalgia pain in a Facebook Live video.

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Tawra answers questions from her followers, including how long it took to get diagnosed, how to find a good doctor who treats fibromyalgia, how to manage dizzy spells, what supplements she takes, and what changes she’s made to her diet.

Tawra explains how difficult it is to keep her family organized when she’s suffering from brain fog and that for her, it’s one of the worst symptoms of the disease.

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  1. viviane says:

    Twara, I do understand how you feel, for me too Fibro fog and dizzyness are the main problems…….take good care. love you, you are not alone…..

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