3 Fibromyalgia Skin Symptoms and How to Manage Them

Fibromyalgia has so many issues affiliated with it, and one of those issues is related to the health and condition of our skin. For those who are sensitive to clothing touching their skin, rashes and other issues just exacerbate the discomfort.

According to Healthy Plan, some of the skin issues related to fibromyalgia include rashes, burning and tingling, and dry skin. Our skin is our largest organ and when our body is reacting to something or detoxing, it’s bound to affect our skin in various ways.

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Fibromyalgia rashes can be flat or raised, itchy or sore, and some even feel like a crawling sensation under the skin. They can make touch all the more difficult and potentially more painful. Some can be the result of allergic reactions to medicines or food, but if you’re not sure about the reason behind your rash, you should get it checked out by a physician or dermatologist.

Burning and tingling
This skin condition is also known as paresthesia, and it can be quite painful and uncomfortable. It can be caused by tense muscles pressing on nerves and can cause numbness. As the area warms up and blood starts flowing more freely, symptoms may improve.

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Dry skin
FMS often causes dry skin. Make sure you stay hydrated; drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and steer clear of fast foods. Try using a a natural, fragrance free moisturizing lotion on your skin. Dry skin can become itchy and uncomfortable so it’s important we take care of it. It can also peel, causing further discomfort.

Other fibromyalgia-related skin issues include rosacea and acne breakouts.

According to Everyday Health, to take better care of your skin, try the following: limit your time out in the sun and use sunscreen; use gentle cleansers on your skin; bathe in lukewarm water and pat dry afterward; and use makeup that uses less harsh ingredients.

Good skin hygiene is a must, especially with fibromyalgia.

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  1. Denise Bault says:

    For dry skin, the best lotion I’ve found, that really soaks into my skin with little effort, is Hemp lotion. I’ve been able to find it in a beauty supply chain store, as well as at Walmart. They have some delicious scents (that don’t make me want to run in the opposite direction) and also one fragrance free. I’m out in the sun several times a week and live in a tropical zone, so you know my skin needs it plus. P.S. Does anyone else find certain ladies’ perfume that have an undertone of “patchouli” absolutely revolting? Or is that just me?

    • Debbi Fahey says:

      I have not found patchouli, in particular, to be obnoxious. However, I have certainly found that my sense of smell is more keen than ever, and I very often smell things that others do not smell at first. In other words, there may be an unpleasant odor coming from an unknown source, and everyone thinks I’m crazy……until I finally find the source, and then everyone can smell it once they are closer to it! In using essential oils, one scent I have found to be intolerable is Frankincense. Most others don’t seem to mind it, but it nauseates me!

      • Suzzieq says:

        I’m the exact same way. I use plug in air fresheners all over my house. I can’t control outside but I can inside. I’m always asking my husband don’t u smell that. He says no. Frustrating. ?

    • Melissa says:

      I agree Denise. I recommend it as well!! I have weird facial rashes and trunk (arm) rashes. Hemp lotion was the only thing that has calmed them and taken away the redness. My dermatologist have me several gels and creams to use that made it worse off. You can get it several places. It’s a God send!!

  2. BRENDA MYERS says:

    I live in Texas where marijuana is illegal-which is ridiculous-because it works so good for many of the symptoms. I don’t like the CBD oil -its missing something…oh yeah THC

  3. Katie says:

    This is for the sufferers of ‘redhot ants’ under your skin part of your fibroid myalgia. FINALLY after too many trips to the GP, he finally saw fit to up my antihistamine. I am now taking 180mg Fexofenadine and after a little more than two weeks things have calmed down considerably! For some strange reason my face is breaking out with acne (I’m 62)so I still have some skin issues, but I won’t be put in the mad house from all the itching!
    Pass it on…

  4. Terri Myll says:

    I’m 60 and started breaking out with acne as well. I clean my face with Cetaphil cleanser (very mild) then wipe with Stridex alcohol free pad (salicylic acid only) then usen your regular night cream. No chemicals, organic etc. I use Senederm.

  5. Beverly Fowler says:

    I have two different rashes. One on my back, body, arms, face, neck and head. Since first of year I’ve had blotches of red on ankles, feet, and legs. Dr. now what it is either. I’ve got another appointment with different dermatologist, but can’t get in until Jan. 8. Hope it’s gone by then?????

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