3 Fibromyalgia Skin Symptoms and How to Manage Them

Fibromyalgia has so many issues affiliated with it, and one of those issues is related to the health and condition of our skin. For those who are sensitive to clothing touching their skin, rashes and other issues just exacerbate the discomfort.

According to Healthy Plan, some of the skin issues related to fibromyalgia include rashes, burning and tingling, and dry skin. Our skin is our largest organ and when our body is reacting to something or detoxing, it’s bound to affect our skin in various ways.

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Fibromyalgia rashes can be flat or raised, itchy or sore, and some even feel like a crawling sensation under the skin. They can make touch all the more difficult and potentially more painful. Some can be the result of allergic reactions to medicines or food, but if you’re not sure about the reason behind your rash, you should get it checked out by a physician or dermatologist.

Burning and tingling
This skin condition is also known as paresthesia, and it can be quite painful and uncomfortable. It can be caused by tense muscles pressing on nerves and can cause numbness. As the area warms up and blood starts flowing more freely, symptoms may improve.

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Dry skin
FMS often causes dry skin. Make sure you stay hydrated; drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and steer clear of fast foods. Try using a a natural, fragrance free moisturizing lotion on your skin. Dry skin can become itchy and uncomfortable so it’s important we take care of it. It can also peel, causing further discomfort.

Other fibromyalgia-related skin issues include rosacea and acne breakouts.

According to Everyday Health, to take better care of your skin, try the following: limit your time out in the sun and use sunscreen; use gentle cleansers on your skin; bathe in lukewarm water and pat dry afterward; and use makeup that uses less harsh ingredients.

Good skin hygiene is a must, especially with fibromyalgia.

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  1. Denise Bault says:

    For dry skin, the best lotion I’ve found, that really soaks into my skin with little effort, is Hemp lotion. I’ve been able to find it in a beauty supply chain store, as well as at Walmart. They have some delicious scents (that don’t make me want to run in the opposite direction) and also one fragrance free. I’m out in the sun several times a week and live in a tropical zone, so you know my skin needs it plus. P.S. Does anyone else find certain ladies’ perfume that have an undertone of “patchouli” absolutely revolting? Or is that just me?

    • Debbi Fahey says:

      I have not found patchouli, in particular, to be obnoxious. However, I have certainly found that my sense of smell is more keen than ever, and I very often smell things that others do not smell at first. In other words, there may be an unpleasant odor coming from an unknown source, and everyone thinks I’m crazy……until I finally find the source, and then everyone can smell it once they are closer to it! In using essential oils, one scent I have found to be intolerable is Frankincense. Most others don’t seem to mind it, but it nauseates me!

      • Suzzieq says:

        I’m the exact same way. I use plug in air fresheners all over my house. I can’t control outside but I can inside. I’m always asking my husband don’t u smell that. He says no. Frustrating. ?

    • Melissa says:

      I agree Denise. I recommend it as well!! I have weird facial rashes and trunk (arm) rashes. Hemp lotion was the only thing that has calmed them and taken away the redness. My dermatologist have me several gels and creams to use that made it worse off. You can get it several places. It’s a God send!!

  2. BRENDA MYERS says:

    I live in Texas where marijuana is illegal-which is ridiculous-because it works so good for many of the symptoms. I don’t like the CBD oil -its missing something…oh yeah THC

  3. Katie says:

    This is for the sufferers of ‘redhot ants’ under your skin part of your fibroid myalgia. FINALLY after too many trips to the GP, he finally saw fit to up my antihistamine. I am now taking 180mg Fexofenadine and after a little more than two weeks things have calmed down considerably! For some strange reason my face is breaking out with acne (I’m 62)so I still have some skin issues, but I won’t be put in the mad house from all the itching!
    Pass it on…

  4. Terri Myll says:

    I’m 60 and started breaking out with acne as well. I clean my face with Cetaphil cleanser (very mild) then wipe with Stridex alcohol free pad (salicylic acid only) then usen your regular night cream. No chemicals, organic etc. I use Senederm.

  5. Beverly Fowler says:

    I have two different rashes. One on my back, body, arms, face, neck and head. Since first of year I’ve had blotches of red on ankles, feet, and legs. Dr. now what it is either. I’ve got another appointment with different dermatologist, but can’t get in until Jan. 8. Hope it’s gone by then?????

  6. Terry Erlandsen says:

    Please provide more info about Hemp lotion. Is it in a brown bottle? I’ve seen Hempz lotion (or something like that) at the beauty salon. It’s very expensive but Hemp lotion is not expensive and available at retail stores. Which one have you found helps? Denim jeans are now causing a rash on my legs. Sad about that.

    • Denise Bault says:

      Terry, it is called “Hemp lotion” and you can find it at Walmart and also at Sally’s beauty supply. It is about 8-9 dollars a bottle, but my skin just drinks it in and for me it’s well worth it! Some have a fragrance. I smell ’em before I buy them to make sure it’s worth it.

  7. Linda Reed says:

    Good Afternoon!
    I suffer with Fibromyalgia, and have for years. I received an official diagnosis about 10 years ago. I’ve had a blemish free, and smooth skin on my face for years… Three weeks ago, I suddenly started breaking out on my face with acne – some of them are a little large, and sore. This acne on my face itches like crazy!! In addition, I often suffer with a very itchy scalp, and it lasts for hours on certain days. In addition to that, at times, my body itches all over and will last for hours. Is all of this related to Fibromyalgia, and will the Hemp lotion, or balm, solve these issues?!! Please HELP! It’s running me bunkers!! Thanks you!!!☺️

  8. Jolene says:

    Good evening ladies!

    You all make me feel better just knowing I’m not in this boat alone. Not that I would wish fibromyalgia on anyone, but I guess it is true misery does love company – especially if you don’t have to shower for them because yes it takes a few hours to get over a few minutes of personal hygiene. Good grief! Until about a year ago I Was oblivious to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. What fun weird diseases no one has heard of and one the other just sounds like you’re lazy. And throw in my anxiety and panic attacks and just for kicks also find out I have adult ADD. You have to laugh a lot with these issues. I didn’t mean to go on and on about myself just want you ladies to have a little background on me. I’ve really just come to the very real conclusion that my life as I knew it is over. I’ve been on medical leave from my job for six months – kept thinking I woke up with this one morning maybe I’ll wake up without it – uh uh. Worse for me than the extreme fatigue and the pain is the increase in sensitivity. Especially smell. I’m a wine educator and professional wine judge. Now I can’t even think about the smell of wine without becoming ill. Rashes and hives. I always have them somewhere on my body. Sometimes they itch or hurt but mostly it’s just another attractive symptom of fibromyalgia. I’ve found a bath with a cup or two of epsome salts really helps – and sometimes it seems if I eat sugar or yeast they get worse but they never go away. Something I have found that works on pain – I have weird reactions to most meds and pain meds are a big no no for me – is CBD oil. It is completely legal in the US because it has no THC. You don’t get a buzz but I swear it knocks the pain in half. It’s expensive and worth it. It helps with anxiety too and with all the research I’ve done I can find zero negative reactions. The worse that can happen if you take too much is you fall asleep. And because few of us sleep it’s a win win. I take it in sublingual form. And I can do about 20 minutes of shopping or driving and that’s about it. I spent three months mostly in the bed. I used to think how lovely a nap would be. Ha. It doesn’t matter how much I do or don’t sleep I am fatigued to my bones. Dropped off the different boards and committes I sat on and just disappeared. Friends don’t understand why I can’t make a lunch date. Chronic is the part that is so hard to accept for everyone. How can I make plans for tomorrow when I don’t know how I’ll feel tonight? Enough rambling. I’m lucky I have a supportive husband – although occasionally he does get that look in his eyes that maybe he’s one pillow smothering away from freedom. Lol. Thank you for listening to me whine. One more thing have your vitamin D checked. My was severely low and I take 50,000 mg one time a week. It takes a few months to start noticing the affects on your pain but it helps. Take care.

  9. Annie moore says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Am taking gambapentin 600 mg 3xday. My face looks like out of a horror show. Such bad acne that peels and is red. I am 47. Feel alone but now know I’m not.

  10. ann Moore says:

    Hi Robin. Thankyou for replying to me. My rheumatologist told me this isnt related but when i hurt really bad in one area it will flare up. then it will get better then come back when im hit with bad pain again in an area.

  11. Lisa says:

    Any advice for fibromyalgia with skin sensitivity, brain fog, light sensitivity, tingling in the hands and feet, aching muslces, and all the terrible things that fibromyalgia brings?

  12. Virginia Brown says:

    Glad I found this. I was diagnosed in 2007 with FMS but only got the rashes recently. I’ve wondered for years why I get tingling pain in feet and legs, or feel like things are crawling on me, and why I’m now sensitive to certain smells. Never connected it to FMS until I saw someone on Twitter mention it a few days ago. Then the light went on. The rashes only showed up about 2 months ago.

    What do dermatologists recommend? I have Medicare but no regular doctor any more since I let my supplemental insurance go. I want to be armed with info when I finally go to the doctor. Not all physicians consider fibromyalgia to be a real condition. I went to doctors for 3 years before a rheumatologist diagnosed me. One of the neurologists I went to informed me it’s not a real condition. On my next visit, I took him a print-out from Mayo clinic about it. He asked if he could keep it. I told him I’d printed it especially for him. He’d actually suggested it was all in my head and maybe I needed to see a psychiatrist. I never went back to him after giving him that Mayo clinic printout.

    As someone else said earlier, I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Not glad others have it, just glad I’m not imagining this. When the rheumatologist told me I had FMS, I wept with relief. Just knowing there was a cause and it wasn’t my imagination was so helpful.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories!

  13. Bernadette Petrie says:

    When I was diagnosed in 1994 things and awareness was 0 and my partner went online, it was hopeless because lupus was dia too. At that time the specialist didn’t even want to say it out loud but sent me a couple of leaflets, and the fact he was writing a paper on Fibro for the n.z. Medical Journal of which I have a copy. Anyway getting back to the subject of the notices I have been reading this event hasn’t started on anyone (average)younger than 50. Well the most of us including myself, mine started about 60 I’m 70 and I still suffering. All tests, and blood tests, samples, all come back negative. This is one thing to get one’s head around is the positive/negative answers. In this time I have done 25 years of research on Fibro, all copied and pasted in plastic sleeves. in folders with the thought of a support group that didn’t happen. Now I haven’t got the strength to do this. The trouble is I’m still adding more as I read sites like this. Good Luck and thanks

    PS I do runaway sorry, my (scabs) I say this as im not going to pussyfoot around, yes there are bruises too, me blood blisters too, only on my wrists. What I’m doing at the present is wearing cotton trou to go out and medical cotton sleeves. You can get this cut to length from a chemist. Last week a child ask me what was wrong with my arm?
    Instead of a response long winded, I just said I had school sores and left it at that.

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