Medical Marijuana Could Be An Effective Weapon Against Fibromyalgia Pain

It’s estimated that between five and 12 million Americans are affected by fibromyalgia, and most of them will be trying to ease the pain using a mixture of over-the-counter medications and prescriptions drugs. However, many fibromyalgia patients are turning to cannabis (medical marijuana) to help ease some of the symptoms associated with the condition.

The Arthritis Society of Canada funds research of medical marijuana for fibromyalgia pain.

Medical marijuana is legal in some states for registered patients, and its health benefits and pain-easing properties have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

According to a report on, cannabinoids present in medical marijuana help to ease pain, as well as increase appetite and relieve the feeling of nausea.

There have been many studies on the benefits of cannabis for fibromyalgia patients including a 2011 clinical trial in Barcelona, Spain, which found that medical marijuana was useful in the treatment of many fibromyalgia symptoms including pain and stiff joints.

Growing support for medical marijuana in U.S. spurs development of new chronic pain therapies.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Time from UK not legal here been on pregab gabapentin codien on morphine now prob done more damage 15 yes with condition and 100 paracetamol a month

  2. Katherine A Johnson says:

    Cannabis also reduces neuroinflammation, a possible factor in Fibromyalgia. This is the only pain medication that’s ever helped at all.

  3. Baba says:

    Sure hope MM works for my FMS pain and stiffness. I’ve had it since 1992 and as I’m aging (65) that coupled with arthritis and disk problems, my pain levels can be pretty nasty. It just became legal in MD but a dispensary is not up and running yet. Do you know where I could get it until then? I understand there are various strains that I need to learn about for FMS and I don’t want to get the wrong thing. Any assistance you can be with info on this, I sure would appreciate it.

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