Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Sponsors National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association Presentation

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Sponsors National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association Presentation

The not-for-profit organization Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), which informs and educates the general public on the many benefits associated with chiropractic care, recently announced that it will sponsor Jan Chambers, the president of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA), as a spokesman during the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism Forum West 2015 (IHC FORUM West), held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov. 6-18.

The Foundation will support the workshop titled, “Employers Pay the Price for Chronic Pain in the Workplace,” (Nov.18, from 11:00 to 12:00 p.m), and host a discussion on the impact of chronic pain in the workplace and the option of the utilization of chiropractic care as a vanguard therapy for pain relief.

“Pain is a growing epidemic in the workplace and costs $294 billion annually in lost workdays, medical expenses, and other benefit costs,” stated Chambers in a recent news release, whose organization includes over 200,000 constituents and connects with more than 142,000 Facebook fans. “Chronic pain is a leading cause of adult disability in the U.S., with employers, employees and the general public seeking information regarding treatment options. Chiropractic care is a non-drug, non-invasive pain relief option representing opportunities for clinical and financial improvement.”

Results from research have revealed that 13% of the entire workforce reported having experienced a loss in their productive time during a two-week period as a result of a common pain syndrome, including back pain (3.2%), arthritis pain (2%), headache (5.4%), and musculoskeletal pain (2%).

Evidence revealed that chiropractic care provided by a doctor of chiropractic (DC) is frequently associated with greater patient satisfaction, improvement in patients’ clinical outcomes as well as significant cost savings.

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, based on the belief that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system.

Sherry McAllister, DC F4CP Executive Vice President, explained, “We are honored to have Jan present on our behalf since she is a long-term sufferer of chronic pain and credits chiropractic care with delivering meaningful relief.”