Reflexology to Relieve Fibro Pain

Reflexology to Relieve Fibro Pain


Have you considered reflexology to relieve fibro pain? Reflexology is an ancient practice passed down through the ages. Proof of the practice may date back to pre-dynastic China 3000 BC. The Incas and Native Americans may have introduced reflexology to South and North America. What is reflexology? It is a homeopathic massage technique designed to relieve pain. Reflexology zones are located in the feet, hands, teeth, ears, and tongue. Following these easy reflexology techniques is super relaxing and may even offer additional health benefits.


Reflexology to Relieve Fibro Pain defines reflexology: Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands. This controlled pressure alleviates the source of the discomfort. In the absence of any particular malady or abnormality, reflexology may be as effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness as it may be for relieving symptoms of stress, injury, and illness.

How can reflexology help with fibromyalgia? Based on pressure points in the hands and feet that are said to connect to the nervous system, reflexologists pinpoint specific glands and organs to treat them via massage. Whether it actually connects to these other parts of the body is somewhat controversial. However, the simple idea of touch therapy may play a role. When we feel connected to others, we gain a stronger sense of overall well-being.

These five basic foot reflexology techniques, from will help you get started. Reflexology is so easy to learn that it’s certainly worth a try. In the comments, let us know if it works for you.



In modern reflexology, the foot is divided into 12 pressure zones. Reflexology stimulates nerves in the body to encourage blood flow. Because of this, reflexology is thought to prevent and stop pain.

Reflexologists claim to treat many ailments, particularly those associated with pain and inflammation. Practicing these techniques may help with stress, fibromyalgia, chronic bowel diseases, muscle pain, and even difficulty breathing due to tight muscles. It may also promote a sense of well-being and good overall health.

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  1. Hi, I was very interested in reading your article about ‘Can reflexology help Fibro pain?’ the answer is a big YES. I was diagnosed with Fibro back in 1999, since then I have trained as a Reflexologist and have taken advanced courses in Nerve Reflexology.

    Nerve Reflexology works on reflexes for the nervous system on the bones of the feet and is particularly effective in treating conditions that are caused, or influenced by, the nervous system. It was developed by the very experienced Belgian physiotherapist Nico Pauly for those patients whose pain symptoms did not respond completely to physiotherapy. Nerve Reflexology can provide help in acute and chronic pain states including: migraine and other headaches, low back and neck pain, other complaints in the musculoskeletal system, fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, etc.

    It puts together the entire pain analysis picture:

    Peripheral Nervous System
    Musculoskeletal soft tissue
    Skeletal parts
    Autonomic nervous system – Sympathetic & Parasympathetic
    Central Nervous System – Brain, Brain stem, Spinal cord
    Psycho-emotional aspect
    Stress, anxiety and fear

    It is believed to work deep into the nervous system to restore co-ordination within the nervous system for the relief from acute and chronic pain.

    It works for me and as a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner working with clients with Fibro and Chronic Fatigue, I see it working for my clients too. As my clients are normally very sensitive (including me) to pain medication, it is great to have an alternative form of pain relief that is non invasive and effective. Thumbs up for Reflexology !!

    • Elizabeth sloan says:

      I’m a reflexologist but at 80 yrs of age retired some years ago. My daughter has fibro and sleep apnea. Can you advise me on a reflexology instruction book for fibro?
      Thank you

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