To Doctors Who May Not Understand What My Life Is Like

To Doctors Who May Not Understand What My Life Is Like
“Don't judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes or live a day in my life.” —Unknown To all my doctors who may not understand what my life is like: I wish you truly understood how my life has changed, in both small and profound ways, since my fibromyalgia diagnosis. I certainly didn't ask for this illness and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I know you have a higher education than I do, but if you don't take the time to learn about my disease, how can you truly help me? Due to its unpredictable nature, I never know what a day will bring. You may catch me on a good or bad day. No two are the same. My symptoms depend on so many factors: What are the current stressors in my life? What's the weather like? What kind of medication side effects am I experiencing? What's my energy level? Those considerations are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you don't get to know me, listen — really listen — to my concerns, and help me find workable solutions, how can I trust you to guide me on my health journey?  Perhaps if I gave you one of the books I've written or co-written, you could get small glimpses into the lives of others who are suffering with fibro and understand better. I also need you to work with me as part of a team, not dictate what you think I should do without getting my input. I'm not a disease, I'm a multifaceted human being. My goal is to trust you, and I think that you need to learn to t
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    I am a 71 year old male diagnosed finally in 2001 with fibro , and i believe i had it for many years prior to that diag noses I would like to see more pics and mentioning of males with fibro so i dont feel embarrased cause in my mind that to others it appears i got a female diseaseand am less of a man.Maybe its just my pride but what else do i have other than just existing above ground.

    • Robin Dix says:

      Thomas, are you on Facebook? I know there are men’s groups there for guys with fibro. Although men are in the minority statistically, you all matter because you all suffer! It also affects teens, my 2 daughters have it. Let me know if I can help you find a group

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