My Experience with CBD Oil

My Experience with CBD Oil

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I’ve been using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for over a year now, and I’m amazed at the difference in my pain levels. I was leery at first about trying it, mostly because I had a bad experience with marijuana when I was a teenager.

While CBD oil is legal to varying levels in most states, it’s still illegal under federal law. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration is not going to come knocking on your door if you’re using CBD oil. I’m so glad that you can get CBD oil without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the ingredient that produces a high — or with a very low level of it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the taste. But once it’s been under my tongue for about a minute, I savor a small piece of dark chocolate to neutralize the taste.

Neurologist Ethan Russo has conducted extensive studies to show how beneficial CBD oil is for those of us with fibromyalgia, as well as those with irritable bowel syndrome and migraines. Dr. Russo has stated that endocannabinoid deficiencies play a role in these and other health issues. According to Dr. Russo, “If you don’t have enough endocannabinoids, you have pain where there shouldn’t be pain. You would be sick, meaning nauseated. You would have a lowered seizure threshold. And just a whole litany of other problems.”

Another benefit of taking CBD oil is that sleep can be improved. That’s certainly true for me. I take one dose in the morning and a higher dose right before bed. Many companies sell CBD oil, so if you’re considering using it, do your due diligence to get one of high quality. I use a product from HempMeds. 

CBD oil may not work in the same way for everyone, but I just wanted to share my results in case you want to try it. Perhaps this could be a viable solution for your pain and sleep issues. I would encourage you to check out this interview with Dr. Russo. Start at the 11th minute if you don’t want to listen to the entire presentation. It helps to explain things better than I can.

Have you tried CBD oil? Did you experience any benefits?


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  1. Ian Hodgson PhD says:

    We have tried CBD isolate (by Tilray Canada). The dosage was a mystery so we had to trial various doses starting with a low dose.
    1. 25 mg daily effect = anxiolytic, enhanced acetominophen analgesia. No analgesia alone. No effect on sleep quality/duration.
    2. 25mg twice daily, as above with added muscular range-of-motion, especially during exercise.
    3. 50mg twice daily as above with improved sleep quality/duration.
    4. 100mg twice daily as above with significant analgesia: no other pain=killers. It took this level to effect significant analgesia. This is consistent with animal studies.

  2. I’ve used CBD oil in pill form (50 for $25) high quality from certified dispensery in northern Arizona for over 5 years. It significantly calmed my essential (familial) tremors and pain in my ass (literally and figuratively) from too many years of chronic pain (doing yoga warrior 3 posture and stretched my left leg too far reaching towards the wall). My essential tremors were so debilitating in my left hand (I am left handed) I had to eat with my right hand and my usually neat handwriting was trashed. My hand shook whenever I used the muscles to do anything. So soup and liquids were now slurped and spoons useless. As a PhD I love to research things so I did a thorough research on CBD and liked the anecdotal reviews. I took 2 pills in morning and 2 at night. My body and brain and tissues loved the CBD. It took about 90 minutes to kick in and my tremors and pain were GONE for over 12 hours. I could fill out form in-between the narrow lines instead of having someone else fill out my paperwork. I was able to cut fabric (I am a quilter) without the scissors being a lethal weapon in my hands. I got a lot of work done and felt wonderful. During this time I was on a variety of heart medications for paroxysmal (stress-induced) atrial fibrillation whose side effects were tremors, headaches, excessive sweating, sleep problems, depression, acid reflux. In Oct 2017 I had to have cardiac shock to get my heart to convert to normal sinus ryhthm. This did not work so they did a cardiac ablation in Nov 2017. That lasted 6 weeks. My medical records and the VA records boldly state I am on Medical Marijuana and I am happy they know about it because in these life threatening events, the doctors need to know what you are taking. In Feb 2018 my heart had an a-fib tachicardia attack and 8 hours in the VA ER and pumped full of heart meds to bring my pulse down from 150 to at least 89 did not work. I checked out of the hospital with pulse of 110 and drove home. Took my CBD tincture and snuggled with my dog and my heart converted a few hours later. CBD (am allergic to the THC edibles or smoking) kept me alive and calmer until the final solution in May 2018. A 4.5 hour cardia ablation heart surgery that neutralized the a-fib, a-flutter, and the tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) for good. The surgeon weaned me off of my final heart med (sotolol) in Dec 18 and kept me on the blood thinner Eliquis (5mg AM and PM). I kept taking the CBD pills and edibles (chocolate bars) in this weaning period and what an amazing recovery I am experiencing. My tremors have decreased 80% in intensity and the pain in my butt (sacrum) is lessened. I am sleeping 6 hours straight and often 9 hours of good REM sleep (using apnea mask religiously). No more headaches or sweating (women Glisten not sweat). Now I take the CBD in less amounts but still daily. I gave the pills to a friend in Tennessee for her migraines and her reports are amazing – less pain and less frequent occurrances. Whoopee!! My heart is now in constant normal sinus rhythm and blood pressure is 116/65 pulse of 60 on average. Never had high blood pressure and happy to not panic when the heart flip flops as it will at my age of 67. Hope this helps ya’ll out there who are skeptical. CBD is safe even for my 11 yr old rescue beagle and her arthritis is not debilitating anymore. She gets on pumpkin flavored CBD biscuit daily. I order them from off of the Pitbulls and Paroles web site (Villa Lobos Rescue) as seen on Animal Planet. She loves them and has n o problem jumping onto my platform bed or leaping in the car to go for a morning run. She runs beside the car (I trained her to heel to the car) for about ¾ mile at a steady 6 mph. Loves it and waits daily to see if we are going for a run. No creaky joints and no more pills from the vet. Just pumpkin CBD treatibles. Thanks for letting me share.

  3. Dawn Anglin says:

    I use pure CBD oil that only has two ingredients, pure pressed hemp seed oil and derived CBD and it has helped me so much with my pain. I chose to help others with this autoimmune disease. I will provide my website for those who may be interested in a more natural CBD and the real deal!

  4. Chuck Sanderson says:

    I have arthritis and tried a few different brands of CBD and did not receive any relief from pain. However, it did seem to help me sleep better at night. I found this site to be a good source of information about most of the popular brands of CBD I am now in the medical marijuana program in my state and I buy medical marijuana strains that have high levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. This seems to genuinely help the pain. It could be what is referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect”…the idea being that you can’t isolate one cannabinoids and expect miracles. Possibly all of the various cannabinoids working together with the THC is when CBD works best. This is what seems to help me.

  5. Lauren Eliza Weiss says:

    CBD oil should be pure, organic and only contain 2 ingredients in order to be effective. Most of what is available has been diluted with some type of oil, like MCT, sunflower, krill, etc, plus preservatives. Read the ingredients to be sure. I’m a distributor of pure CBD oil, with third-party certification, available online. We have thousands of testimonies from people benefitting from it. Find me on FB @discoverCBDbenefits

  6. It was really nice Robin that I found your post about CBD. Your story is kinda similar to mine. I’ve been using CBD oil for the past 3 years now for my back pain and minor anxiety issues.
    I like my CBD THC free and these days I’m really into vaping. Do you take CBD in any other rather than just tinctures? Also, which online brand you prefer the most. I really like Ananda Hemp and found it to be the most effective for my pain relief. Yeah, I don’t prefer offline retail stores.
    Would really love to connect with your personally 🙂

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