Fibromyalgia May Frequently Occur Along with a Variety of Other Diseases, Review Finds

Fibromyalgia May Frequently Occur Along with a Variety of Other Diseases, Review Finds
Fibromyalgia (FM) commonly occurs alongside rheumatological diseases as well as certain non-rheumatological disorders such as neurological, gastrointestinal, and psychological conditions, a review study found. The study, “Comorbid fibromyalgia: a qualitative review of prevalence and importance,” was published in the European Journal of Pain. Fibromyalgia — a disease characterized by chronic widespread body pain — is known to commonly occur with various rheumatological diseases. Although initially considered a unique condition, prevalent in 2-4% of the population, fibromyalgia is now increasingly recognized as coexisting with other rheumatological and non-rheumatological diseases. Fibromyalgia that accompanies another disease is associated with a less favorable outcome, more severe symptoms, and impaired function. Therefore, if the condition goes undiagnosed in a patient who also has another disease, it can be detrimental because it requires treatment, and unrecognized fibromyalgia may be misinterpreted as poor control of the primary disease, affecting the management of both conditions. Since there are few studies that have looked at the coexistence of fibromyalgia with other illnesses, with the exception of rheumatic diseases, researchers conducted a literature review to find evidence of the disorder occurring in different illnesses, and the effect it may have on the primary dis
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  1. Dan Austen says:

    I found your article from last week -Fibromyalgia Patients Often Show Positional Cervical Cord Compression by MARGARIDA AZEVEDO, very interesting.

    I’m an American currently living in the U.K., do you know where I can get the special MRI mentioned in the article, in England or the states?

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