When Fibromyalgia Keeps You in Bed

When Fibromyalgia Keeps You in Bed
Inevitably there will be times when we are stuck in bed. It may be a few hours, days, or longer. The unpredictability of fibromyalgia is a force to be reckoned with, so I like to have a contingency plan in place for those times when I'm stuck in bed. There are many low-energy activities for painful, fatigued days, and the following are a few of my favorites: 1. Create a playlist of upbeat, happy-inducing songs and play them when the doldrums threaten to drown you. 2. Curl up under a warm blanket with your favorite hot beverage and a book that will captivate your attention. 3. Start a new board on Pinterest and enjoy finding DIYs, recipes, or other topics that matter to you. 4. Find a great movie to watch and enjoy some dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn. 5. Binge watch an entire season of your favorite series. A couple of my favorites are "Downton Abbey" and "Grey's Anatomy." 6. Keep a gratitude journal. It will shift your focus to things you are thankful for. 7. Soak in a long, luxurious bubble bath complete with candles and soft music. 8. Make lists of all the things you hope to do one day when energy and health permits. Try using "My Future Listography" to keep track. 9. Take an online course or listen to some encouraging podcasts. 10. Learn a new skill like knitting, drawing, or playing an instrument. Maybe a harmonica or guitar. 11. Invest in some books related to chronic illness. 12. Purchase an adult coloring book and wile away the hours coloring. It can be very relaxing. 13. Download some game apps to your phone and see how high of a level you can reach. 14. Invite someone to come over and hang out for awhile, or perhaps do some Skype or Facetime together. 15. Subscribe to Audible. I enjoy audiobooks because som
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