3 Symptoms of Severe Fibromyalgia Nobody Talks About

Lorna Effy talks about some of the symptoms she’s experienced with fibromyalgia that aren’t often associated with the disease.

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Lorna explains that she has three ongoing issues that she attributes to fibromyalgia, but can find no online information about any connection between them despite talking to other fibromyalgia patients who also have the same symptoms.

Lorna describes the ever-present problems she has with her throat, where she feels her throat muscles are not strong enough for her to be able to eat enough food and she often experiences pain after talking for a while. She also goes on to share how her nose always tends to be blocked and the congestion was making it difficult for her to sleep. Finally, Lorna says that since she’s had fibromyalgia she had also started suffering from acute panic attacks.

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  1. I have had Fibromyalgia for 29 yrs, I always have a drink with my food as I do have difficulty swallowing dry foods. Some times I have had difficulty breathing strongly due to a tight chest, get indigestion a lot. Have found a breathing machine has helped me a lot which was recommended to me through a sleep-apnia test. My throat has not been the worst part of my illness, muscle pain and impingements of the nerves tends to be my biggest concern. Have had both wrists operated on for Carpal Tunnel, both shoulders for impingements which would not go away ( scraping debris from between the bones ), and one total knee replacement which has not gone too well. Now my other knee and ankle play up at least once a day or more with pinching or bad pain which usually means rest or it will get worse which also sends pain into my hips, lower back and recently about my waist height has been pinching. The more pinching I get the longer it takes to get better so I layup, walk in a different manner or gingerly try to prevent the pinching, if too bad I have to lay up. I have been diagnosed with chronic pain and Impingement Syndrome, Thyroid over acting and chronic Depression and I know that is due to the pain I am in as instead of feeling like going on 60 I feel like a 90yr old, not that I know what they feel like but I feel as though I have aged a lot more than what I expected at my age.

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