Q&A with Alex Gould, Co-founder of Every Day Optimal CBD

Q&A with Alex Gould, Co-founder of Every Day Optimal CBD
As a continuation of my series on CBD oil and fibromyalgia pain relief, I contacted Every Day Optimal CBD after trying (and loving) its CBD products. Company co-founder Alex Gould mentioned a new product that just rolled out called Total Relief Fibromyalgia CBD, which sells for $130 for 30 capsules, according to the company's website. Gould agreed to answer a few questions about what, in my opinion, could be a breakthrough product for fibromyalgia relief. Excerpts follow:  CA: Alex, how did Every Day Optimal come about?  AG: In late 2016, I, along with my business partner Fred Drejfald, turned our eyes toward Colorado in search of something most people would never think of. Low-THC marijuana farms. We knew early on that CBD, not THC, was the future of natural pain relief. We set out to find farmers to partner with on a new business, CBD oils and supplements. What we found were a group of forward-thinking farmers already legally growing and cultivating CBD-rich hemp plants. Hemp, having naturally occurring THC of less than 0.03%, was a match made in heaven. From there, Every Day Optimal CBD was born. I'm very excited that your new product is specially formulated for fibromyalgia. What makes it different from other CBD oil products on the market? Our new Total Relief Fibromyalgia CBD product is completely unique. We combined 16 vitamins and minerals that have been scientifically proven to help fibromyalgia symptoms, along with 25 mg of CBD. There is no other product out there like this. Every ingredient works together and has a specific purpose, but none are overpowering or interfere with the main ingredient, CBD. It’s like CBD with a boost — the boosts deriving from vitamins that fibromyalgia sufferers need the most.  What are some of t
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  1. Lindsey Murphy says:

    Seems like a great product and I am definitely interested except for one HUGE problem. Who can actually afford $130 for just 30 capsules?? Which may or may not last a month.

  2. Carrie Anton says:

    I’ve been using the product for over a month now. I take one every morning. It does work but the cost is a serious issue for me as well as a lot of other warriors. I do feel it helps with flares the most. I have less brain fog, less anxiety, and less pain when I take this. On a daily basis, it helps me feel more energetic and it really helps me make it through an 8-hour workday. I am very impressed with this product. I do hope the price comes down but I do find it valuable so at least for the near future, I will continue to purchase it.

  3. Amanda Chitembure says:

    I bought this product, it made me feel sick to my stomach even though I got the lowest dose so I reached out and asked if I could return it and they said of course, I returned it and got an email that my refund was processed, this was over 3 weeks ago but I have yet to see my refund. I keep getting the run around from this company and no one will answer me. I have left voicemails and several emails, I’ve always tried chatting with their chat feature on their website. Nothing. Feels like a scam.

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