Why Fibromyalgia Feels Like a Progressive Disorder

This video from newlifeoutlook explores whether or not fibromyalgia is a progressive or degenerative disorder. The medical world doesn’t classify fibromyalgia as a progressive disorder, however, many people living with the disease say their symptoms have gotten worse over the years.

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Although the body may not technically get any worse for those with fibromyalgia, the strain of recurrent flares and having to deal with constant pain and fatigue can lead to a declining quality of life. The video suggests patients begin to track flares to establish patterns and potential triggers which could be avoided in the future. It also advises they maintain a positive approach to new treatments and therapies and that they track their effectiveness.

Acknowledging the emotional side of fibromyalgia is important too, all fibromyalgia sufferers should make it a priority to look after their mental well-being.

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    • Geraldine says:

      Me too!! I don’t even realise I’m going to strike out until it happens. It’s as though I’ve been holding it all in until the right person comes along and boom, it’s released. Usually I’m releasing it all on hubby. Poor man doesn’t deserve it at all but there you are.

    • Jo T N says:

      Yes I do get angry and burn to get things right. It is awful to be misunderstood when you are only trying to minimise your own misery. One of the things that helps me believe in my own judgements – when those around me, especially my grown children, think I am just a reclusive neurotic nuisance… is to write out my indignant feelings. If it is safe to do this: send letters to re-balance systems you find unfair, intrusive or just ethically wrong! Luckily for me I own a therapeutic laser – which helps enormously. I use all the above (article) strategies to minimise flare-ups. One indispensable ally is my chiropractor. He knows that stress causes my neck mis-alignment and he re-adjusts me with such skill. The uninitiated think I am just a wuss!! but they can’t feel the pain. Believe in your own path to relief and happiness!! Jo M., New Zealand.

    • Moya.b says:

      Yes. I hate myself for my short temper but the pain saps my energy. If means it is exhausting having to say something again or I’m expected to do things I used to be able to do but it is too painful to do it now.

      I know I’m hurtful to my husband and try to apologise.

    • Latasia johnson says:

      Me me me!! Lol. Seriously though it’s not really funny. I have bursts of anger and lash out from something that I didn’t like or whatever. My bf said I don’t pick my battles I fight every single one. Weird thing is at this point after an argument I go write to my journal about it. And past while now, I was writing about it so I can recall what was said and happened and to aid in me communicating about it once I’m calmed down. Or whenever the switch happens. All of a sudden, I feel as if myself is back. From where idk.

  1. Jami says:

    I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago with fibromyalgia and my symptoms have undoubtedly become worse. Not only does the pain restrict me socially it definitely has restricted me physically. I use to be able to go grocery shopping with my husband and now it’s Impossible to walk through the store and if I do get out my IBS kicks in. I use to work out before this debilitating illness and now I am pre-diabetic, my BP has increased, my vitamin D levels count is usually around 8-10 and have to be put on 100-150,000 units of vit D a week. Until these damn doctors walk a mile in our shoes, how dare they say that fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease, because I would like to see them live a day, a week, a month, or years dealing with what we go through. Now the FDA has put guidelines on what they consider enough pain medication we should be given, and now, some nights I cry myself to sleep, if I can sleep from the pain because they apparently know much more about my pain then I do!!!!

    • Karen B says:

      Bless you, Jamie. I have not been diagnosed as long as you, but I can relate to much of what you say. I have recently found the use of a Tens unit along with my cherished heated throw will ease the pain and allow me to fall asleep. I’m sure you’ve tried many remedies since your diagnosis and may be sick of suggestions, but I wanted to share my experience. Gentle hugs and praying that you have no more tearful nights.

    • Sandra says:

      I was diagnosed approximately 30 yrs. ago and do feel that it has progressively gotten worse. Yes, the aging process is involved, however over the years I have been on top of anything and everything that has come along. It has been challenging, overwhelming and very frustrating dealing with the medical community. I am still taking things day to day. It feels like a full time job. I feel the full range of emotions almost on a daily basis and nothing is predictable. It’s challenging to say the least.

    • Marna P says:

      Totally agree with you!Barely hanging on, and now my pain clinic dr wants to take away my norco and fentanyl. Right before the holidays! OMG!!!!! Over 10 years diagnosed for me, and now I also have RA, OA, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Psoriatic arthritis, DDD, and more.

  2. Ellen L. says:

    I’ve had fibro for over 30 years. What I was dealing with in those early years does not even approach the struggles I face today. I realize many of the co-morbidities I now have, such as spinal degeneration, are a normal part of aging but I think the fibro brain amplifies the pain and discomfort I feel. Pain medication available to me barely takes the edge off. I can’t wait for this ride to be over.

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