EpicGenetics Test Can Help Gulf War Veterans with Fibromyalgia Obtain Disability Status

EpicGenetics Test Can Help Gulf War Veterans with Fibromyalgia Obtain Disability Status
To help mark Veterans Day, EpicGenetics reminded Americans who fought in the Gulf War of 1990-91 that the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the company's FM/a test as proof of fibromyalgia. Many veterans developed fibromyalgia after being deployed to the Gulf. A test showing that a person has the disease qualifies them for veterans disability. In addition, the test will qualify veterans with fibromyalgia for a clinical trial of a vaccine that may reverse the disease. EpicGenetics developed the FM/a test in 2013. It is the first blood test the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved for diagnosing fibromyalgia. The test includes a number of biomarkers. Together, they identify anomalies in the immune system's white blood cells that show up in people with the disease. A key reason the FDA approved the test is that is has an accuracy rate of 93 percent. The Veterans Administration has recognized fibromyalgia as a Gulf War deployment condition that warrants disability status, which entitles veterans to a monthly stipend and special medical coverage. Until EpicGenetics developed its test, it was hard for many Gulf War veterans to obtain fibromyalgia disability status, however — because proving they had the disease was often difficult. The Veterans Administration recognized fibromyalgia as a Gulf War disability after research in the early 1990s showed that those deployed there were at increased risk of developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. To help Gulf veterans receive fibromyalgia-related disability status, Medicare, the Veterans Administration's CHAMPVA health insurance program and most preferred provider organ
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  1. Sally says:

    If this blood test is acceptable for military disability compensation, is it available for diagnosing individuals who are not military?

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