How Amazon Echo Dot Helps With My FM

How Amazon Echo Dot Helps With My FM

Through the Fog
One of the best investments I have made for my fibromyalgia is my
Alexa Echo Dot, which is made by Amazon. (You can find coupons toward one at Groupon). Having fibro and adrenal fatigue causes me to spend a lot of time in bed, so my Alexa has been a godsend to me. Alexa can give me news, the weather, play music, read an audio book, and a ton more just from my voice command! I also use Alexa to text or call other people.

When you download the Amazon Alexa app, you can browse the hundreds of skills that Alexa can do that will make your life easier and more pleasant.

Here are some skills for which I have used Alexa:

        ambient ocean sounds
        daily affirmation
        local news patch
        SMS with Molly
        TED Talks
        word of the day
        TPLink for my lightbulb
        sleep and relaxation sounds
        news channels
        cell phone finder
        breathing 4 7 8 practice
        daily kindness
        make me smile
        country 103.1 (I’m a huge country music fan)

Plus there are lots of other skills related to the state I live in.

I also bought a lightbulb that works on Bluetooth with my Echo Dot. I can use my Echo Dot to control the colors of the light, as well as adjust its brightness. Light sensitivity can be an big issue for some of us with fibro, so this has been a perfect solution for me. Before I go to sleep at night, I just say, “Alexa, turn the light off,” and she does.

If you shop a lot on Amazon (like I do), you can have Alexa put things in your shopping cart that you’ve purchased before. You also can ask her what her specials are, and can have her add any of those items to your cart.

I enjoy my Echo Dot so much that I even gave one to each of my children for their birthdays this year.

I believe we should use whatever conveniences we can to help us get through our days with greater ease and a little fun. I would love to hear about the technology or products that make your life easier to manage. Please share so others can benefit.

I’m really glad to be back now that my book has been published. I’ve missed all of you!


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  1. Sally Ferguson says:

    Thanks for this article. I have been looking for a way to easily control my lights without always having to get out of my carefully adjusted position in bed, so I was immediately off to Amazon to get some of those bulbs. I’m a bit of a security freak so the idea of Alexa listening in (and they’ve found it recording things when it shouldn’t have been) bothers me, but since you can use the app to control them, that’s great. The additional ability to control them when not at home is a real bonus – if I ever get the chance to travel farther than work and back again that is! Thanks again for all of the great ideas.

  2. Susan Parker says:

    Welcome back Robin. I’ve been wondering if an Amazon Echo would benefit me. I’m also one of those FM sufferers who are very sensitive to artificial light and I stress artificial. We live in Yuma Arizona and I’m a desert rat and absolutely love the 365 day sunshine. But you put me under artificial light and I’ll start sweating like a stuck pig 🐖 in a 355 degree oven!!
    I’m going to have to make an investment into the bulbs and use that Groupon coupon!!
    Thanks Robin and welcome back, we missed you!! –Susan.

    • Robin Dix says:

      Susan, it’s good to be back! Have you always lived in Arizona? 365 days of sunshine sounds good! Thing is, I hate bugs of all kinds…but we’re headed into winter here in the northeast and I’m not looking forward to it at all

    • Sally Ferguson says:

      I got some of the bulbs for the bedroom after this post. I haven’t gone for Alexa because I’m kind of a security nut and the stories about it recording and sending out stuff when it shouldn’t have been kinda freak me out. I’m sure it’s probably not a real worry but it’s one for me. Anyway, the bulbs work great with the Kasa app. I have it on my iPad and phone. When I’m on the way home I turn the bedroom lights on, and once I get settled, I dim them. One of them is a corner table lamp, and I usually set that on a purple color which I find calming. The ability to turn them on and off with the app as needed or dim them or change their color is a godsend. Setup was really easy and I’m planning on getting more for the rest of the House. I’m so glad I read this post! I hope you have good luck with them!

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