Look to Online Resources for Information, Shopping, and Community

Look to Online Resources for Information, Shopping, and Community

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For those who have suffered from fibromyalgia syndrome for 20 years or more, the advent of the internet has brought a wealth of online information to our fingertips. For those who are too young to remember life without the World Wide Web, finding information about this illness or even trying to figure out what was wrong with us was almost impossible.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for us. Not only can we find out information about the condition itself, but also we can connect with other warriors from around the world. We can learn about different treatment options, find doctors who know how treat FMS, and get tips and suggestions to make our lives easier.

It has also offered a sense of independence to those of us who are unable to leave the house. Not only can we shop and bank online, but also we can even have a virtual doctor’s appointment, all from the comfort of home.

Facebook and other social media sites have more to offer than just keeping in touch with family and friends. With Facebook, you can communicate freely and without judgment in closed groups. Your Facebook friends cannot see your posts, so what you share with the group is private. These closed groups offer friendship and advice that I had a hard time finding in person. Seek out personal blogs and patient websites. These can also provide valuable information.

YouTube is a favorite of mine. Whether you are looking for a movie or a tutorial on how to meditate, you can find pretty much anything you will ever need or want to watch on this site. Search fibromyalgia and you will find exercise videos, advice and, of course, those videos claiming to have the cure. I love this site for entertainment and enrichment.

I’ll admit it, I’m an Amazon freak. So much so that I think I need an intervention. I am a Prime subscriber who loves all of the perks that come with it. From free Kindle books, Prime Now, music, videos, and groceries, I never have to leave my house again, except to walk to the mailbox. You can find pretty much everything you need on this site.

Whether I’m looking for groceries or clothes, odds are I buy it online. I never cared for shopping before the internet, mostly because of the pain it caused me. Now there are grocery stores offering online ordering. You can pick up at the store and some will even deliver right to your door. This is an FM sufferer’s dream come true. I don’t mind paying $5 for pickup or $10 for delivery. The price is worth the suffering I save!

When I shop for clothes, I buy from sites that allow me to return the items to their brick and mortar counterparts. When offered, I have the items shipped to the store, which is typically free. I can try on the items and if something doesn’t fit, I make the returns right there. You will find a better selection online, especially if you are on the heavier side, like me. The sales can be significantly better as well.

I cannot forget to mention Fibromyalgia News Today. This site helped me achieve a better quality of life. The wealth of information along with the excellent articles from the patient columnists saved me from a life of utter desolation. Reading about how others deal with the illness has helped me more than any doctor has. I especially appreciate the comments from all of our readers. I’ve learned quite a bit from all of you. Please keep commenting and offering up ideas. Like the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”

Being able to do tasks that previously would have required me to leave the house has made dealing with this illness easier. Banking and shopping online are time-savers for all, but it means so much more to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. This is our freedom. We are able to do things now that we couldn’t accomplish before because of our physical limitations.

Are there any websites you can’t live without? Which sites make your life easier?


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