Tips to Manage Pain During Your Next Mammogram

Tips to Manage Pain During Your Next Mammogram
If you're a guy whose mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend has fibromyalgia, please share this information. For all my fibro ladies, I hope you find this helpful for your next mammogram. Mammograms may give us peace of mind by showing that they are clear of anomalies and that we are good to go for another year. If something is detected, hopefully, it will be caught early. But women with fibromyalgia have additional concerns, including pain from compression, especially for those of us with fibrocystic breasts. Following are some of the useful tips I've learned. You and your physician may have other ideas. It's always more comforting if someone goes with you. If your doctor advises, you may want to take pain medication before you go. Try to schedule the mammogram at a time of day when you usually feel best. Ask if the plate is padded, which will help especially if you're sensitive to hard or cold surfaces. If your center offers only thin johnnies, bring a warm robe from home. Check around to find a place you think will make you most comfortable. To settle anxiety during the procedure, take nice, deep breaths between scans. Some fibromyalgia patients experience flare-ups or shoulder and arm pain after mammograms. My technologists have been fabulous always, because I have frozen shoulder in both shoulders and my range of motion is limited. Techs are good at helping me with my limitations, while still obtaining clear pictures. Stephen Ross, MD, chief medical officer at Solis Mammography, offers nine additional tips to help you have a better experience: Schedule your annual mammogram one week after your menstrual cycle has ended, as breasts seem to be less tender then. Communicate your health issues and concerns to the technologist doing the
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  1. Deborah says:

    I have experienced. The severe pain of having a mammagram as well as having fibromylagia i have had breast cancer and radiation damage. In certain cases i feel MRI should be given to those that suffer from chronic pain not torturing us with mammogramss I personally have declined any further mammograms and i am self examining and praying that in the future MRI will be offered

  2. Terri Myll says:

    Have you tried Thermography? It is a great tool for breast imaging. It will run you about 300 dollars out of pocket. Look up infrared imaging or thermography for breasts.

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