Tips for Managing Joint Stiffness in the Morning

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month and because of that, the fibromyalgia community is trying to spread awareness of the disease and its symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is joint stiffness, which patients often suffer first thing in the morning. In this video from NewLifeOutlook, Debbie Duncan talks about some of the things she does each morning to help ease her joint stiffness.

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Debbie takes her time getting out of bed, rehydrates with a big glass of water and uses a shower chair in a warm shower to help cope with joint stiffness in the morning. She also advises that anyone who suffers from joint stiffness try to move around as much as they can during the day. and if they have a desk job, try to stand up and work from time to time or have a little walk around the office every couple of hours.

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