Fibromyalgia and Food Intolerances: Melanie’s Story|

In this Road from the Farm video, Melanie shares her journey with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism and how embarking on an elimination diet changed her life.

Learn about seven of the common medications used to treat fibromyalgia. 

Melanie believes she’s always suffered from symptoms of fibromyalgia, even as a little girl, but her health became much worse after she started a family. Melanie then discovered she had an intolerance to dairy and gluten, which helped her change her life. She’s now much more in control of her fibro and hypothyroidism, and feels much healthier and happier than ever before.

Melanie now runs a homestead, growing most of the organic fruit and vegetables her family eats and raising chickens and pigs. She is also an advocate of eating organic and GMO-free foods.

Nutritionist Charlotte Lawson talks about some of the foods fibromyalgia patients should avoid eating. 

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  1. vivianne says:

    Yes, I have changed my diet too and it works, eat now lots of mixed salads with vegs and fruits in it for lunch and eat much less in evenings, also eat early like 6pm and avoid salt, that works for Me…..

  2. jeanine says:

    I have a lot of problems with my stomach over the years.I have had some of my intestines removed due to diverticulitis,gallbladder appendix and a few more… I started having rations to various foods such as certain dairies, nuts, seeds and more.I still get flare UPS.Is there any type of info you can help me with I would appreciate it..I do not take any meds just blood pressure and antioxidants… thank you …

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