Artist and Fibromyalgia Patient Celebrates Half Marathon Fundraiser with New Exhibit

Artist and Fibromyalgia Patient Celebrates Half Marathon Fundraiser with New Exhibit
Artist and fibromyalgia patient Sujata Tibrewala raised $900 last month through a half marathon to help educate underprivileged children in India. Her new exhibit at her Cupertino studio celebrates the spirit of athletes, as she believes a fit body reflects positive energy. Tribrewala joined forces with Asha for Education, the San Francisco chapter of a volunteer-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps educate children from impoverished areas in India, the country where Tibrewala was born. The artist reached her target thanks to donations and continues to raise awareness through her new exhibit. Tibrewala, artist in residence at Life Force Arts (LFA), Chicago, is a self-taught artist whose work focuses on eco-feminism. She has exhibited her work in venues such as the St. Louis Artists' Guild, the University of Illinois, Parallax Art Fair London, the Women’s Caucus for the Arts, Lalit Kala Academy in Delhi, India, among others. She moved to the U.S. in 2010 and works on her art from the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. In her latest exhibit, she will not only celebrate her success in the half-marathon, but she also wants to inspire other women to take better charge of their health and fitness. In 2008 the artist was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As her condition worsened, Tibrewala had to resign from her job, but she tried to lead a normal life, even looking after her teenage daughter while her husband traveled most of the time. Tibrewala felt overwhelmed by her daily life and felt like she needed a marathoner’s energy to cope with all her daily challenges. Motivated by friends, she signed up for a half marathon for the first
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  1. Kitty Scalzo says:

    This article was not encouraging to me. I am happy for her but do not know how with any level of Fibromyalgia she can run anywhere. I tried to run once and ended up flat on my face as my legs did not answer my brain commands. Not to mention the lactic acid build up in leg muscles at any hint of exercise.
    You did not mention any treatment she received just that after having to quit her job she got up one day and decided to run.
    I used to be able to slow walk a mile but not anymore. I have had fibro since 1979some times are good and many bad.
    I could write a book.
    I love this newsletter and really look forward to the next one.
    Thank you.

  2. Pam Walker says:

    I used to run, play racquetball, golf, karate…..not any longer. i slammed headlong into a wall of unrelenting pain and exhaustion and that was the end of playing for me.
    I really do not understand beginning running after being diagnosed… did you manage that? Am I missing something? Is there a treatment I have not tried?

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