Could Cannabis Be the Solution for Fibromyalgia Patients?


As more states in the U.S. along with countries around the world legalize the use of medical marijuana, could cannabis be a pain relief solution for fibromyalgia patients?

Dr. Patel talks about the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Earlier this year, Cannabis Science announced that they were going to start manufacturing cannabis patches designed to relieve fibromyalgia pain. The patches would be worn on the body and deliver a controlled dose of cannabinoids over a period of time. Read more about this announcement here. 

Cannabinoids have been used for centuries in traditional healing and there are advocates of medical marijuana for a myriad of health complaints. Many fibromyalgia patients already use marijuana-based products, often reporting excellent results with no side-effects. Some have even been able to stop taking conventional medications, so it’s not surprising the fibromyalgia community is looking forward to being able to legally use these types of products to help them manage their symptoms.

Find out more about 11 of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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  1. Em says:

    I keep reading about this. Kind of like what I have seen happen to people wanting pain medication. So much easier to start out popping a pill rather than doing physical therapy or a change in diet. Fibro is a challenge and altho la-la land may be achieved momentarily-not sure about this at all even after doing research.

    • Christopher Brockway says:

      La La Land? You don’t experience any illness do you or you wouldn’t begrudge people the fleeting moments of relief that cannabis provides to us, in limited amounts, I might add. If you became ill, trust me, you would try ANYTHING to gain even temporary relief so you could gain a moment of relief and to have it offered in a harmless plant is a gift from God. La La Land? You watch too much television.

    • Becki says:

      Apparently you do not suffer to the extant that some of us do. I use cannabis infused coconut oil tablets. The strain I use is 99% CBDS and 1%Thc. So I never in LA LA land but have some pain relief that is not going to damage my liver. After 28 years of living with this horrible disorder znd been given every narcotic known to man from the fentanyl patch physio pain center regime. I am very glad to give up the 8 Tylenol #4 codeine tablets I was taking daily that didn’t even touch the pain. Are there people wanting cannabis for a quick high..sure there is..just like a alcoholic or junkie. However those looking for a responsible alternative will search out cannabis high in CBDS for the pain benefit znd not a strain high in THC just for a fast buzz. Perhaps you need to investigate further before commenting Um!

  2. Patricia Harrison says:

    It sounds very promising, but will insurance pay for this medication? Would love to have a medication that helps with fibromyalgia but does not make me an addict!

    • Tim Bossie says:

      There are not many insurance companies that will pay for any type of cannabis products. However, it will all depend on the demand and individual health insurance carriers.

    • Angela says:

      It’s been proven that medical marijuana (or marijuana in general) is not addictive. And there is a form that is legal in all states. I recently posted about it in my health group (My MF’n Health Group). Check it out and use google for more info. There is so much info out there about medical uses for marijuana. It’s used for many, many medicinal purposes…including stress and anxiety (which many Fibro patients have). Sending good vibes ❤️✌?️

    • Christopher Brockway says:

      Insurance at this point doesn’t pay anything, although partial or total legalization is promised this spring, should saner minds prevail. No, you aren’t an addict. 20 years of opium based pills will make you an addict. It is totally non-habit forming.

    • Becki says:

      It may pay if you get a script for the cannabis tabs they can subscribe here in Canada. The only other relief at present is…to get a federal card…send official diagnosis to CRA (revenue canada) and declare it as a medical expense. If Trudeau ever gets it together maybe a tax break in the future will happen

  3. Toni Smith says:

    I have Fibromyalgia. My doctor put me on methadone and other drugs for both types of Arthritis. I Tried using high CBD oil from a local dispensary. I Chose Harlequin oil because it was the only thing that stops the horrible burn through out my body. Something heavy narcotics could never touch. The narcotic dose is now small. Muscles still ache, I were a hand brace to help arthritis. It is not about getting high, it has been called “The Hippies Disappointment”. It allows pain relief and some energy. The couch potato type of THC, helps induce sleep.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Toni! Thank you for the comment… we are all glad to hear that you are doing well on the oil. Many people do need to understand that it isn’t about getting high, but being able to cope with the pain.

  4. Robert Cohen says:

    Sadly here in the UK we are still living in the dark ages of ignorance and disbelief of what the rest of the medical profession worldwide are saying about medicinal cannabis. I have for 12 months tried THC Bedica oil and vaped Bedrocan’s Bedica (16% THC) and Bedrocan (22% THC) that was prescribed by my doctor in Amsterdam. As we, not part of the Schengen zone I cannot legally bring it in the UK despite it being prescribed to me whereas a non-UK or non-Irish Citizens of the EU can legally bring the product if it prescribed with them. This goes to show the great injustice that the British Government have with contempt for people who want to live a better life or end their life (Palliative Care) in a more comfortable way. If the British Government generally feel it has no medicinal value then why do they allow non-UK & Irish Citizens to bring up to 30 days worth. So glad that the Irish Government only last month had come to their senses and agreed it does have medicinal value and the restrictions are due to be lifted once now that the Irish Parliament has passed a law. This has given me a cause and a reason to fight for and I even taken the law into my own hands as I feel it my personal, human right what I put in my body is my decision and mine alone especially now the taboo been lifted and proven endless time how it have saved many lives including those with incurable cancers that had suddenly shrunk and then is able to be removed as well as in some cases disappeared. I had almost a month of no pain this winter which is incredible to me and sadly I had to stop taking my oil this month as I almost depleted of my stock. CBD oil is legal in the UK and helps fight anxiety as well as fight the THC “high” feeling that THC can give allowing my pain to disappeared or become more manageable. Many of my friends and family have commented how I have changed to how I was before I got diagnosed with FM in 1999. I managed to cut my medication by 75% and lose 2kg as well but sadly now I got to go back on all my old rubbish as CBD oil which is legal in the UK does 25% of the work whereas THC for me does the remaining 65%. The rest is down to Mindfulness and Relaxation as well regular hydrotherphy. I really hope this patch will be available in the UK soon. It then means I will take it as a medicine patch without all the side effects including “the munchies” and I can drive as I am not under the influence of drugs as it prescribed medication without all the side effects. Ideally, we will need several types of patches for example Sativa in the day so you can stay awake, concentrate on whatever your job is and be ideally pain-free and Indica for night time to help you sleep. It available already now in it most effective form (Suppositories) as the body absorbs more of the benefits of the cannabis plant then if it digested, smoked, vaped and best of all you are not harming your lungs in any way. My final point is that it also cannot cause psychotics as the elements that cause this are removed as part of the process of growing the plant under strict control regulations. That why Bedrocan products are gold whereas the rubbish sold on the street is unregulated and you really do not know what junk like pesticides had been added to it.

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