7 Benefits of Vitamin D You Might Want to Know


Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” mostly because we can get it naturally when the sun’s UV rays interact with our skin, which triggers the vitamin’s synthesis. The VIP vitamin aids our body’s absorption of calcium to keep our bones strong and encourage healthy cells to grow.  Here are a few more health benefits of this versatile vitamin, according to healthline.com:

1. Fighting Depression


Studies have found that people with depression are often deficient in vitamin D and that depression gets better after taking a vitamin D supplement.

Do you know how fibromyalgia symptoms can affect your daily routine?

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  1. Denise Bault says:

    I’m a real believer in Vit D. I get most of mine from the sun. If I’m out of it for a day or two, I can really tell a difference !

  2. Em says:

    Finally found a doctor who could recognize good cow dung from apple butter. She is willing to go the more homeopathic way and believed me when I told her the garbage I had been prescribed in the past had only worsened my symptoms and were reeking havoc w/ my health. My Vit D levels were pathetically low as well as other levels. All blood work is normal now altho I still have very little quality of life. I oft wonder what good is this type of paltry existence?
    Old age and fibro is not for wimps!! Throw in PTSD, depression and anxiety-I do not even know who or what I am now.
    Taking Vit D helped some. The depression is treatment resistant as far as medication and therapy is absolutely a waste of time and money.
    It is not uncommon for people w/ PTSD to have Fibro and depression as well as anxiety.
    I can empathize w/ others who are warriors of Fibro.

      • Em says:

        A fight describes where I am and was feeling so all alone-still do as retirement certainly is not a bowl of cherries and oft I do feel like the “pit”.
        I am a fighter and if family is unwilling to accept this OGM w/ mostly a lot of love to offer-it is their loss. All wrapped-up in technology and riches is where they live-there is more.

  3. Denise Bault says:

    Em, I too had PTSD. I would recommend a qualified therapist who could work with you. There is help available and it will also help with the depression and anxiety – which I think we all have since our lives have changed so dramatically and we don’t know what is coming! Exercise will help too, even if it is just a walk around the block to start.

    • Em says:

      I have tried therapy. I had several. I had one who received a 99 year suspension on her license and it was deserved. 1 less predator in the mental health system. I did not file the charges and only testified as a resident of the state. this therapist continues to harass and stalk me. I did try again and could not get past the damage of the past.
      I exercise, eat healthy and I am even criticized for how I choose to eat. Seems I have no life because of ignorance and have tried to share and I am only seen as useless and I burden on the taxpayers and I truly would be working-the mind says, “yes” and the body will not cooperate. Is this life?
      I presume there is help-I do not know where to look. If I did I surely would seek it out.
      I no longer trust any one. I want to trust-it is gone from me.
      I am not included in Holidays for many reasons.
      No, I do not get caught up in self-pity. I keep trying and perhaps will continue to do so.
      thank you for your input.

      • Denise Bault says:

        You’re grieving, Em. And you are not alone. Some of us are just in different stages. There are ways to be helpful. My therapist recommended getting involved with clinical trials for fibromyalgia. That’s one way to give back and be useful. I’m also planning on donating my body to science, in the hope that it may help find a cure for this devastating illness. I’m only 58. I have lost everything that society says that matters. My home, my husband, my life’s savings, my career – which was my identity – good friends- or so I thought, close family members. I try to focus on the people who are there for me now. My brother gave me some great advice when I was SO low, like you are. He said, “Try and find a little joy in each day.” Maybe it’s the sunrise, or a child’s laughter, or a sandhill crane flying overhead, or your sweet pet looking up at you. Beauty and abundance is all around. I also had a wise man once say to me that perhaps this illness is God’s way of telling us to slow down. Most of us were mover and
        shakers. Now we just move a little bit and shake a little bit. 🙂 Doesn’t make us any less. Just makes us human. You are not useless. You are not a burden on society. (We paid into the system for a reason all those years. I used to want to meet the “family” I felt I was previously supporting!) It is depressing, but “this too shall pass.” Really. It will. Until then, you have new friends here on this site who DO understand. Happy Thanksgiving to you and please take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for. Today I’m thankful I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. You know, we actually have it better than 90% of the world’s population! Be grateful for that and as Scarlett O’Hara said in “Gone with the Wind,”…”Tomorrow is another day…”

        • Em says:

          Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement. Perhaps this is working for you and I am thankful you have found friends a way of being positive. I typically am a positive person as long as I stay a way from people that do not understand and see me as lazy and selfish. In brief I just stay a way. It hurts when I see other members of my family getting together and remembering one another’s birthdays and I hear nothing. I am not jealous or envious. I don’t exist to anyone. Yesterday being Thanksgiving I did finally hear from my D-I-L saying Happy Thanksgiving and she was sorry we did not get together as they spent the day w/ her family and there was time for them to come over because “she” was going shopping. I had children later in life so there is a lot of age difference. I miss being w/ my grand kids and always feel so much better when I am allowed time w/ them. Did not get included in any of the Holidays last year-always excuses from family.
          Yes, I am fortunate to still have a roof over my head and food to eat. I love nature and the creatures that dwell herein. I have been there in the past for others and now because I live in an apt. and do not have a nice big house w/ lots of land and cannot be a pack mule and a work horse for others…think you may understand.
          Yes, today is another day and another quote from “Gone With The Wind” we all know “Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give a Damn”.

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