Fibro Mom Reviews Butrans Pain Patch

Fibro Mom is a YouTube channel created by Evie, who is a mom to two small children and has fibromyalgia. She has dedicated her channel to people who suffer from invisible illnesses and chronic pain and regularly vlogs about her condition and daily life with fibromyalgia.

Specific test may help diagnose fibromyalgia by assessing the frequency of muscle spasms.

In this episode of Fibro Mom, Evie reviews a Butrans pain patch for her fibromyalgia. She explains that she found the patches very useful, but it took some trial and error before getting the dosage right. Evie also talks about the positive aspects of the products as well as the side effects of the patch and the cost implications depending on your health insurance policy.

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  1. Jean Allison says:

    Hi there, my name is Jean – I live in the UK.
    I thought you might like to try the patches I am on prescribed by the Pain clinic. They are called Versatis Medicated Lidocaine Patches and are applied to the pain directly. They must be removed after 12 hours but I choose to put them on during the night as that is when my pain is at its worst. As you know, Fibromyalgie is like ‘dancing pains’…… could be in your shoulders one night and my leg another night. Because it goes directly where the pain is it puts it away after about 10/15 mins. It does not promote heat so you would not have your itching. It contains the same anaesthetic as your dentist injects into your mouth before a filling. They have changed my life, but again very expensive. £60 for a box of 25. I dont know how much that is in dollars. I hope this helps other sufferers.

    • Jean Allison says:

      Jean again…….my Dr has prescribed me Derma Plus ,a smooth skin cream which contains Menthol and comes in a pump. You can also buy this in Boots. The menthol is the cooling agent and stops the itching minutes after applying. It is amazing. GP has also prescribed me Alimemazine , one tablet at night when I’m wearing the patches. This is a much stronger anti-itch tablet than Piriton.

      • Karen Gregory says:

        The nasal spray is sprayed on and left to dry before you put the patch on. This then stops the irritation you get with patches. I am very sensitive and it works for me.

  2. Denise Leinicke says:

    Please, if you hear back about the spray that might help with itching, please post it. Or send me a PM. I use the Fentenyl patch and the itch drives me crazy. My doctor knew of nothing that might help. I have not ever before heard about butrans. I am now going directly to research it. Thank you for your posts that help educate us.

    • Karen Gregory says:

      If you are itching with fentanyl then you most certainly will with bu trans after a while. The spray used before applying a patch is a nasal spray called beconase. Hope this helps.

  3. Jo-AnneW says:

    **Those patches don’t work for me.
    **I’ve been wearing Norspan 30mcg Patches for over 7yrs+ now, best thing ever tried, but, need stronger dosage, need to see my Rheumatologist Specialist see if the government has increased the highest dosage by now (30mcg highest).
    **Except they’re itchy as hell, end up looking like a patchwork quilt and bleeding bruising, having an allergy to glue and the patches.
    **I use various things peanut oil, pinetarsol cleansing gel before shower helps removes patches pinetarsol bath oil during shower, vaseline aloe fresh (green bottle) helps heaps, apply before putting on patches the day before, after having showers, apply when itchy with without patches. Eleuphrant cream don’t over use other wise dries out that becomes itchy, put the aloe vaso on top.
    **Goodluck to all. All the best, take care, have a merry xmas, prosperous healthier, wellbeing 2017.

    • Denise Bault says:

      I haven’t tried those patches, but was on estrogen patches for years. The best thing I found to take off the “glue” was baby oil. Witch hazel is also good for healing. Just a thought…might help someone?

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