Your Best Practices Are the Ones That Make Life Easier

Your Best Practices Are the Ones That Make Life Easier
Comparing ourselves to others, whether they're healthy or share our illness, is a bad habit. We each have good and bad days, differing degrees of symptoms, and different levels of tolerance. We need to just focus on ourselves and identify things we can do or change to make our life the best that it can be — our best practices, if you will. We shouldn't worry about what others think of us. That is why I'm always looking for life hacks that will simplify my daily life with fibromyalgia. Lots of people share their hacks on the internet. I have my own best practices, and I hope that one or two of them will work for you. For instance, I make a manageable to-do list of no more than 10 items. My goal is to get at least one done each day. A sample list looks like this:
  1. Dust blinds
  2. Laundry
  3. Read for 30 minutes
  4. Make a doctor appointment
  5. Call my sister
  6. Clean the litter box
  7. Make a grocery list
  8. Clean mirrors
  9. Text my kids
  10. Fill ice cube container
I have a really helpful container that has a handle and six compartments. When I move to another room, I put the things I need to take with me in it: my cellphone, my reading glasses, a few cough drops, some lip balm, etc. I can carry it in one hand while I use my cane in the other hand. It saves making multiple trips and it keeps everything in one handy place. I always keep a soft blanket
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