Even Sleeping Can Cause Pain

Even Sleeping Can Cause Pain
Sleeping used to be one of my favorite things to do. Not only did it guarantee relief from any pain I was feeling at the time, but I could also count on feeling better when I awoke. Lately, I’ve noticed a change. I’ve been exercising more and sleeping better — that’s the good news. The bad news is that even on nights when I manage to get seven or eight hours of sleep, I am in pain the next morning. I tend to be an oversleeper, but only during the day. At night, I suffer from insomnia. I toss and turn for hours, all the while arguing with myself. Should I get up? Or should I follow my mother’s advice from when I was a child to “just lie there quietly with your eyes closed and sleep will come?” I’m sorry, Mom, but it didn’t work for me then, and it doesn’t work for me now. The longer I lie in bed, the more I hurt. The more I hurt, the less likely I am to sleep. I suspect my mood disorders — I fluctuate from feeling depressed to feeling very anxious — are responsible for my sleep issues. My worst cycles of insomnia have often coincided with one or more stressors going on in my life. I have sought cognitive behavioral therapy at those times with varying results. I’ve also learned several techniques (including yoga) to do at bedtime, and I make a concerted effort to exercise at least a few minutes every day. All the techniques I know are effective sometimes, but not always. I’ve also tried over-the-counter and prescribed medications with mixed results. Overall, I don't care for the next-day hangover effect I feel from most sleep medications. Recently, my sleep situation has changed. Although I fall asleep quite easily, I often wake up in pain. How is it possible to fall asleep feeling fine and then wake up in pain? What happens whil
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  1. Cathy Coffey says:

    Skin burns inside out when I have flare ups i start itching. Like others insomnia and anxiety. Sore and hurts to move.

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